Homeopathic College Pays Heavy Price for Helping to Screen VAXXED

College contract to hire facilities stopped after it uses it to host Wakefield's misleading film.

Andrew Wakefield’s plans to have a glamourous premier showing of his new film VAXXED in London’s West End failed after the cinema bacame aware of the content of the film and cancelled the contract.

There then followed a desperate search by the VAXXED team to find an alternative venue. They did this successfully and decided that to ensure this new screening was not ‘sabotaged’ by scientists the location would be kept secret until four hours before the showing on the 14th of February. It was all like being back at an illegal rave in the 1990’s. The screening went ahead to triumphant roars of the antivaxxers.

However, this has not been a consequence free revival of the zombie film. Antivaxxers most ardent supporters come from the homeopathy community and it looks like to was homeopaths who found a solution.

The Centre for Homeopathic Education claims to be the only degree awarding course for homeopathy in the UK – much to the shame of Middlesex University for accrediting this pseudoscience. It claims,

The Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) is the largest school of homeopathy in the UK and offers the opportunity to study the art and science of  how to become a homeopath.

However, its course are taught at Regents University which a small private university in London mainly for visiting American students. It would appear that the homeoapths used their relationship to hold the screening there in the centre of London.

After the screening, the University did not appear to be too happy about this deception.

So, even the venue was not told of the nature of the film they were to screen on the premise.

As such, I have been told that that Regents have severed their contract with the Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE). They are now homeless. A heavy price indeed to pay for this underhand works.

The homeopaths are hopping mad about this as you can imagine. Homeopath Alan Freestone writes,

Well whenever powerful interests are trying to stop our access to information, we should question why? What are they hiding? What don’t they want us to know? It’s pretty obvious in this case – mass vaccination is a disaster & is poisoning people on a massive scale. I suppose I’m in a fairly unusual position – I see the effects of vaccine damage every day in my work, and I see children losing their autism diagnoses after vaccine detoxes. I’m on the front line of this. These movie-makers aren’t conspiracy theorists or con-men.

This is typical homeopath thinking. They believe they can treat autism. They believe they can ‘repair’ vaccine damage. To them, the vaccine ‘industry’ is a huge source of income to milk worried parents. Scaring parents about vaccines is part of their business model.

To be clear, this is not a film that deserves the light of day. It is antivax propaganda and is deceptive and manipulative. Scientists and campaigners are now taking control here and ensuring the press talks about the film on their terms – scientific and factual terms – rather than on the conspiratorial and pseudoscientific terms set by the film.



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  1. A very heavy price indeed. I can imagine that finding a new venue will be difficult for them given the negative publicity, assuming they have the funds. It raises questions about the governance of the CHE – in most organisations, whoever was responsible would likely face dismissal.

    I wonder if students of the CHE will ask for refunds? That might put them out of business.

    • Indeed, this shows a complete lack of due diligence amongst the management. Their zeal got the better of their business judgement and in any other business sackings would be swift.

  2. A very commendable stand on the part of the university. I wonder if this might have been the last straw in a series of embarrassments attributable to their association.

  3. Wait, what? Maybe I don’t follow those issues as close as I should – it’s the first time I see someone claiming reversal of autism. Why doesn’t this guy have a few Nobels under his belt already>

    • The film is not about adverse reactions from vaccines. It is about research fraud.
      Wakefield is accusing 5 scientists at the GDC of fraudulent research. Why don’t they sue him?

      • Because it wasn’t Wakefield who accused the scientists but the Head Scientist in charge of the research who accused them plus himself. He has all documentation to prove this they were ordered to destroy the evidence but he kept copies before he destroyed the papers. Anyway this mass genocide will finish soon because Trump and other Worls leaders are working to stop this.

    • Reversal of autism? There’s not a definitive test for autism. A lot of the tests use scoring systems based on observation and/or interview. Autism does not mean no development. It is possible for someone to no longer score as “autistic” but that is not a “reversal”, it’s development of existing potential.

    • Cancer diabetes and most degenerative diseases including vaccine damage can be reversed by stimulating the body’s self healing self regulating capacity. But the fact that this type of cure does not use pharmaceutical drugs oe hospital trestment then it is ignored and suppressed. Big Pharma has bought everybody and everything and if it threatens the financial interest then they will threaten you and try to eliminate you.

    • I hope the President has a Good listen to what he has to say. I hear it all the time in my work. “my child was fine until he had the MMR”

      • And I never did…

        So my anecdote cancels out your anecdote.

        This is great isn’t it, y’know, when you don’t have to bother with inconvenient things like evidence…

  4. Readers it’s obvious that the commenters on this blog are paid by the Pharmaceutical industry. They are people who have not researched possible toxicity of the vaccines or read the thousands of research papers confirming that vaccines create neurological and down regulation of genes. The ignorance of their comments make me cringe idem for the language. Everybody knows a family with a vaccine damaged child so now most people question the safety. Don’t listen to polls which state otherwise. We all know that Big Pharma has been tried before the High Court many gomes for lying (false data of vaccine trials) and knowingly and recklessly putting onto the market medication that has killed millions of people (murder). No one goes to jail for this mass murder they get away with a fine. In the end they are still profiting from their crimes.

      • Hi Andy,

        Glad to see you remain polite in answering people with wrong views. So refreshing. More debate rather than hate may move things on!

    • I certainly don’t know any vaccine damaged children, and I have three of my own. We took the positive step and signed up for MMR when it was still being trialled in the UK, to avoid having three individual injections, and have never regretted that decision.

      No doubt if I gave medical history of my children you would automatically blame “the vaccines”, knowing nothing of family history.

      • That raises an interesting question – how widespread is the belief in vaccine damage among parents of autistic children? I suspect that those who do are vastly out numbered by anti-vaxxers who do not have have autistic children or even know any autistic children personally.

        The parents of autistic children that I’ve personally known do not subscribe to anti-vax messages and tend to view anti-vaxxers as getting in the way of issues of getting appropriate financial and practical support.

  5. Joy of joys, the Society of Homeopaths has come out in support of the CHE. To quote from their press release thingy…

    “This weekend’s courses went ahead as planned and CHE have been swamped by support from other organisations, homeopaths and members of the public. There is no suggestion that their partnership with Middlesex University might be under threat.”

    Which is contradicted elsewhere – apparently Middlesex are not going to accredit the course in the future. “swamped” probably has a different meaning in homeopathic circles.

    “Marcus Fernandez, Principal of CHE said ‘We believe in open debate and freedom of speech. Everything, including conventional medicine or otherwise, should be open to discussion in a true democratic society so as to enable the patient or carer to make an informed choice’”

    But Regents University have the right to terminate a contract if the terms are broken, especially if the negative publicity surrounding this hurts them financially.

    “As SoH Chief Executive Mark Taylor points out – neither the Society nor CHE are anti vaccination. ‘We stand for freedom of choice and diversity and as part of that we should encourage people to make up their own minds. It seems that others don’t believe people should be allowed that right’”

    But many SoH members are and so are many of the tutors of CHE. “Graduates” of CHE are often anti-vax.

  6. Pharma and science are not the new God. They get it right but they also get it spectacularly wrong. Unlike the dark ages where it was heresy to question the standard mantra of the time, individuals have the right to ask questions about that which we are being told is ‘good for us’. I am neither pro nor anti vaccine and why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist about this movie is ridiculous. Merck is still involved in a court case where they stand accused of lying about the efficacy of their mumps vaccine to maintain prime market share. When your annual profit is bigger than the GDP of some small countries you are going to do whatever it takes to protect that and they do, So we all should be asking questions actually not just agreeing with the p.r. departments of big pharma.

  7. It’s a question of ethics for us. As long as these major companies abuse representative governance and force the product upon people through mandates, as long as they cover up factual information and are not absolutely transparent… Well, it remains my opinion that if these vaccines are essential and worthy, the only legislative mandate should be complete transparency and not for profit positioning. The free market did accept them but now the free market has doubts. The problem it would seem, is monetization by the same companies claiming it should be rule of law to consume the product. We don’t vax because they dared to say we should be forced to by rule of law, and there are obvious and concerning conflict of interest issues in this industry. We will not support the approach that free market participation can be legislated by government, bought and sold by the biased and interested party lobbyists whom would force consumerism through law and mandate. In the alternate reality where vaccines were not for profit, no share holders were involved, and the billions which go to corporate subsidies otherwise went to truly unbiased competent non advocacy based research, would you presume the cdc schedule would be larger or smaller? The NVIC advocacy alert page is shocking, because medical decision making autonomy is an ethical consideration above all else. You know, it’s feelings. Nobody appreciates a bully and that’s how big pharma is positioning when they allow an infinite stream of lobbyists to force free market participation through what is supposed to be a representative governance system. Money is not speech, and corporations are not people. It will be a miracle if this post stays on the board, the framing of the issue is essential to the pundits on both sides. People are hesitant to put blame where blame is due, on the major corporations for not respecting existing governmental systems, and not being willing to accept their consumer directed positions in free market systems. It’s hard to trust people whom claim you’re not capable of making informed decisions yourself. Thank you for reading.

  8. Che was is a fantastic college speaking as a past student and a mum of twins now 2q affected by mmr I am sick of idiotic drs trying to make out it was nothing to do with vaccine and I so greatful for one of my lecturers at college telling me about detox …no it’s not a total cure but drs gave up said never talk never do anything well see him now !!! He is amazing ..

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