Do Not Allow Corporate Chiropractic ‘Spinal Assessments’ in Your Workplace

26th October, 2016 8

Corporate HR departments are obviously keen to promote the health of their employees as this will help productivity, reduce sick days and is  seen as a perk by the employees. This is often done by such means as subsidised gym membership, cycle-to-work schemes and private health insurance benefits.  However, the more murky side of this laudable aim is the introduction of so-called ‘wellness consultants’ who will peddle various forms of [read more…]

McTimoney Chiropractic College in Deep Trouble

3rd October, 2011 48

Today, the University of Wales announced that it is to cease accrediting degrees at all but two colleges. The University has made a business in education by accrediting degrees from private colleges both here in the UK and across the world. But in doing so, it has been criticised for letting standards drop and allowing bogus institutions to award degrees in their name. The BBC have been on the case [read more…]

Chiropractors at War with their Regulator, the GCC

1st November, 2010 550

From Richard Lanigan’s blog, we learn that the head of the four chiropractic associations have written to the GCC to state that their members have no confidence in their regulatory abilities. Richard Brown, President of the British Chiropractic Association has written the letter, co-signed by Ross McDonald, Kevin Proudman and Bernadette Martin, the Presidents of the Scottish Chiropractors, the United Chiropractic Association and the McTimoney Chiropractors respectively. The letter notes [read more…]

The British Chiropractic Association Humiliated.

15th April, 2010 17

People who work in public healthcare, or are involved with the promotion of health practitioners or techniques, do not have an absolute right to a reputation. It is most important that the claims, behaviours and results achieved are subject to the highest levels of public scrutiny. It is only in doing so that we can be confident that our healthcare providers are doing more good than harm. In pursuing that scrutiny, [read more…]

Is Chiropractic X-raying Illegal?

29th January, 2009 24

Chiropractors have achieved a status amongst practitioners of alternative medicine that is almost unrivalled. In the UK, they have achieved a level of mainstream acceptance, regulation and recognition that must be the envy of homeopaths and herbalists. Such is their standing that I suspect that many people would not even consider them as part of the alternative medicine scene. Chiropractors, like their close cousins the Osteopaths, are statutorily regulated in [read more…]