Jeanette Winterson in Blistering Attack on Homeopathy

14th November, 2007 46

Yesterday, prize winning author, Jeanette Winterson, delivered a devastating blow to supporters of homeopathy by calling for ‘better regulation’ of the profession and for the Society of Homeopaths to ‘engage with its critics’. In vindication of this web site’s stance, and in recognition of recent futile and aggressive attacks by the Society, the writer slated the current leadership of the profession and said ‘there will always be rogue homeopaths and [read more…]

Dr Elaine Weatherley-Jones: You and Yours and ME

8th November, 2007 18

Radio 4’s You and Yours programme has been running a series on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME. Today saw the last in the series and concentrated on ‘alternative treatments’ for patients who do not get ‘satisfaction’ from their GP. ME is a quack’s dream. It does not have a specific set of diagnostic criteria – it is what left when all other possibilities have been ruled out – follows a cyclical pattern [read more…]

The Magic Watergate Scandal

4th November, 2007 3

I am officially bored by the Society of Homeopaths. But just when I thought it could not get worse, that cheeky monkey Gimpy just had to keep digging. On his blog, Gimpy summarized his investigations into Ralf Jeutter, a Director of the Society of Homeopaths, who is offering homeopathic immunisation on his website against dangerous travellers’ diseases, including cholera, malaria, yellow fever, tetanus and typhoid. He also, rather disgustingly, offers [read more…]

The Society of Homeopaths: Truth Matters

27th October, 2007 41

I doubt we will ever see an X-Factor moment where a homeopath is forced to brutally confront the totality of their own delusions as they are exposed to a direct and uncompromising truth assault by a quackbusting Simon Cowell. Their emotional commitment to their healing fantasies is far stronger than their intellectual commitment to reason, truth and evidence. But I would have hoped that a homeopath’s disregard for truth was [read more…]

The Memetics of Quackery – Part 1

26th October, 2007 11

This is an old post, but I wanted to bump it up given the current homeopathic shenanigans ***********************************************************************originally posted: Monday, July 17, 2006 In looking at countless quack web sites and having discussions with various quacks on message boards, the inevitable question that I ask myself is “What sort of quack am I dealing with – deluded or fraudulent?” The fraudulent quack knows they are promoting cures and remedies that [read more…]

Homeopaths Through the Looking-Glass

20th October, 2007 31

Homeopathy is fun. Pretending you can cure minor self-limiting ailments with magic water and sugar pills obviously brings countless hours of pleasure to lots of people and I, for one, would not want to take their ball away. Hey! You can even make some money out of it too, as lots of people like to join in and pay money to play patient and be part of the fantasy. But [read more…]

Homeopathic Thought in the 21st Century

12th October, 2007 16

Some of you around here may have noticed that homeopaths are feeling a little threatened at the moment. Some have responded to the perceived threats with rather impolite and aggressive behaviour. Others are setting up new campaigns. A new web site has appeared in the last few days called Homeopathy: Medicine of the 21st Century. (I won’t link to it, they do not need the Google points, but you can [read more…]

The Future of Homeopathy in the UK

31st August, 2007 24

After several decades of increasing popularity, the homeopathic community is finding itself under growing pressure. There is an increasing level of criticism of the practice coming from many quarters, including Richard Dawkins recent Channel 4 programme, lots of bloggers and academics too. Importantly, homeopathy is not being seen as as benign as its adherents’ propaganda suggests and that there are real dangers in the belief in magic water and sugar [read more…]

Charles Darwin and Homeopathy

26th August, 2007 76

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It allows you check stuff, like the claims of quacks, in a way that was not possible just a few years ago. This blog entry would have taken many months of library work and correspondence without the web and some of its amazing content, and now I can do it between mowing the lawn and popping down the pub for a pint. Dana Ullman [read more…]

State Sponsored Quackery

25th August, 2007 20

Homeopathy is under threat within the NHS. A good thing too. But homeopaths are mounting a campaign to help ensure our health service spends its money on voodoo. Some MPs are calling for a debate in parliament in support of homeopathy. You can find out if your MP is on the ‘deluded list’ here. The Early Day Motion being signed by MPs says the following, That this House welcomes the [read more…]

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