Will Homeopathy and iTunes Cure AIDS?

19th August, 2007 15

Peter Chappell (10 Canards) is a founder member of the Society of Homeopaths, he is a Fellow of the Society and has written several influential books on homeopathy. He describes himself as an inventor and a visionary, a charity worker and teacher. He also appears to be dangerously deluded. Chappell makes his name by producing his own homeopathic preparations. His idea is to produce specific remedies to cure named diseases, [read more…]

The Gentle Art of Homeopathic Killing

16th August, 2007 64

11 October 2007 11:47am My web hosting company Netcetera have received a complaint from the legal representation of the Society of Homeopaths about this posting. On the request of my hosting company, I have taken down this post while I try to understand the concerns of the Society of Homeopaths. Update 26 October 2007 The Society of Homeopaths have still not responded to requests to explain their position. To see [read more…]

Should the NHS pay for Hyena Saliva?

20th July, 2007 19

Homeopathy, paid for by the NHS, is under threat. Millions of pounds of NHS money is pumped into a few Homeopathic hospitals so that patients can have ‘choice’. It is a good thing, choice. The Queen makes this choice. The newspapers promote this stuff. It is natural. No side effects. Health Freedom. Patient Options. Blah Blah Blah. Talking to people with jobs and mortgages and only one cat, I get [read more…]

Quack Word #20: ‘Iatrogenic’

3rd July, 2007 31

Iatrogenesis is not a concept that is confined to quackery, but like most of the words in my Quack Words series it tends to show up more often than not on quack web sites and so can be a good quackometer word. Iatrogenic illness covers the concept of harm having been done by the healer. Harm could come from many quarters including mistakes in diagnosis or treatment, professional negligence, adverse [read more…]

Lethal Trust

1st July, 2007 14

If you were to believe the Society of Homeopaths, the quacks that were handing out lethal advice to Newsnight investigators about malaria prevention, were just a few rogue and unregistered practitioners and unrepresentative of the profession. Peter Fisher , the Director of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (currently funded by the NHS) told the programme that, I’m very angry about it because people are going to get malaria – there [read more…]

Homeopathy Don’t Kill People, Homeopaths do.

21st June, 2007 39

Right, let’s get serious. It’s the end of Homeopathy Awareness Week and enough of the jokes. You might be surprised, but actually, I don’t have too big a thing against homeopathy. If people want to pop into Boots the Quack and buy a tub of sugar pills and give one to little Timmy when he falls off his bike with a ‘there, there’ and a kiss on the forehead, then [read more…]

Begging the Question for Homeopathy

19th June, 2007 7

As my own personal tribute to Homeopathy Awareness Week, and as promised in my last post, I would like to critique a paper that has appeared in this Summer’s edition of the journal, Homeopathy in Practice. The article is entitled “Hormesis, epitaxy, the structure of liquid water, and the science of homeopathy” and is by Domenico Mastrangelo. The paper has appeared elsewhere but is obviously so important that HiP sees [read more…]

Sue the Blogger: Homeopathic Thinking

18th June, 2007 4

Sue Young, homeopath, writer, historian, mother and a daughter, had a bit of a shock last week when a ‘murder’ of quack-busters descended on what used to be her quiet blog about her homeopathy practice. The reason was that she had written a rather topsy turvy piece about how nasty old scientist David Colquhoun FRS had picked on a little herbalist and used a QC to silence her. We know [read more…]

Self-Awareness in Homeopathy Awareness Week

15th June, 2007 9

Originally posted for World Homeopathy Awareness Week, I thought this would be worth bumping up for Homeopathy Awareness Week 2007 (14-21st June), organised by the Society of Homeopaths. So much awareness! You would have thought someone has actually proved there was something in it. Anyway… This blog entry is really for all you homeopathists taking part in the big event of the year. Starting on the 1oth of April, World [read more…]

Homoeopathic Clothing Range

2nd April, 2007 4

Le Canard Noir is in development with a new range of complementary and alternative clothing. A sneak peak is now available for a new ‘homoeopathic cleaning only’ range of t-shirts. Clean your clothes in a more gentle and more holistic manner allowing your clothes to take advantage of their own inbuilt cleaning capability and treat emotional stains as well as physical dirt. The care label looks like this…

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