Homoeopathic Clothing Range

Le Canard Noir is in development with a new range of complementary and alternative clothing. A sneak peak is now available for a new ‘homoeopathic cleaning only’ range of t-shirts. Clean your clothes in a more gentle and more holistic manner allowing your clothes to take advantage of their own inbuilt cleaning capability and treat emotional stains as well as physical dirt.

The care label looks like this…

4 Comments on Homoeopathic Clothing Range

  1. Lovely!

    If you don’t mind, I’ll be posting this up at a local health food store, beside their “suppliments” section – yeah, it’s packed with homeopathic crap.

    Leaving the address on inthe vain hope that a few people may look, even if it’s just to argue!

  2. *cough* “assessment” (sorry)

    Can we have some homoeopathy-related t-shirts to wear down at Boots/ASDA/wherever? I’d have one.

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