Bored Bored Bored.

So, I have been doing some anagrams.
Here goes…

Dr Andrew Wakefield – Flawed Ink Rewarded

Dr Gillian McKeith – Kill Charming Diet

Electrosensitivity – Risen To Selectivity

homeopathic remedy – Here Hypo-Atom Medic

Food for the Brain – Brother Of ION Fad

Institute of Optimum Nutrition – Nut Into Tummies Tuition Profit

Patrick Holford – Fork to Chip Lard

Dr George Carlo – Roger Goldacre (shame it was not andrew)

Please feel free to post your own. (May think up a prize if suitably impressed.)


9 Comments on Quackograms

  1. Electrosensitivity:

    No – Try Selectivities

    selective tiny riots

    Secretive? I? (snottily)

    Receives it snottily

    Selectivity ires not

    No selectivity rites

  2. ION:

    Fit nutritionist immune opt out

    Nutritionist – petition Tofu Mum

    Nutritionist. Impute motif unto?

    Intuit: mom – top nutritionist foe

    Mime “nutritionist unfit”. Opt out.

  3. Homeopathic remedy:

    To a hypodermic heme

    Hope. A mediocre myth.

    Hectored a mopey him.

    Chide a morpheme toy

    A dicey morpheme, tho’

    Chide a mopey mother

    Chide a mopy theorem

    Mopey itched a Homer

    A chomped her moiety

    A peyote chromed him

    Pithy here. A commode!

    Hither, a commode. Yep.

    Ohm – A comedy, prithee!

    Meter ohm. Decoy a phi.

    WV is tzwix which makes me want to go out and find one.

  4. Patrick Holford:

    Flack Hid Torpor

    A Pitchfork, Lord?

    Caliph Dork Fort

    Pact, Horrid Folk?

    Lick for hardtop

    Laird Froth Pock

    Dark pitch floor

    Torch rapid folk

    Flip, Dark Cohort!

    Lad or pitchfork?

    Half to Poor, Dick?

    Flap third crook.

  5. Who uses Homeopathy?
    Homeopathy is suitable for everyone, and has found wide support in all walks of life, all around the globe:

    “..[Homeopathy] cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond all doubt safer, more economical, and the most complete medical science. ” Mahatma Gandhi – Homeopathy is now the most popular form of medicine in India.

    “…[Homeopathy is a].. progressive and aggressive step in medicine.” John D Rockefeller

    “….You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the [orthodox physicians] to destroy it.” Mark Twain (author) Harper’s Magazine. February 1890.

    More recently, the following have also endorsed Homeopathic Medicine:

    The entire British Royal family, including:
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
    His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales

    Sports personalities
    David Beckham, English Football Superstar
    Kate Schmidt, Two Time Olympic Javelin Medallist

    Paul McCartney
    Tina Turner
    Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist

    “Homeopathy is a highly developed health practice that uses a systematic approach to the totality of a person’s health. Anyone seeking a fuller understanding of health and healing will find Homeopathy extremely important and applicable.” Gay Gaer Luce. Ph.D. , (science writer – twice winner of the national science writer’s award)


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