Dr Hilary Jones Promotes Questionable Burzynski Clinic on TV

December 21, 2011 30

There is a stark and inexplicable difference in how the mainstream media and bloggers have been covering the Texas based cancer clinic of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski. There has been an explosion of blog posts since the clinic starting threatening bloggers who questioned the claims of the clinic, my own blog included. Instead of looking at the claims of the clinic and the ethical practices involved in the long running ‘trials’, [read more…]

The Observer Responds – Complicity in Misinformation

December 4, 2011 43

This morning, the Observer has responded to the large amount concern raised by its coverage of the Burzynski Clinic two weeks ago. The Observer told the story of how Peter Kay and other celebrities were raising huge sums of money to send a four year old girl with cancer to a ‘pioneering’ clinic in Texas. Except that the Observer failed to mention the controversial nature of this clinic and how [read more…]

Burzynski Clinic Issues a Statement

December 1, 2011 27

What to make of the press release issued by the Burzynski Clinic? Well, the good news is that Marc Stephens, the PR man who threatened my family, has had his ‘professional relationship’ severed. In this statement, we find out that Burzynski had indeed asked Stephens to stop criticisms of his business interests appearing on the web. And to do so, Stephens resorted to threatening bloggers, with the worst example being [read more…]

The Burzynski Clinic Threatens 17 Year Old Blogger

November 28, 2011 35

I have been hinting that Burzynski has been threatening other prominent UK bloggers. Well, that blogger has now gone public. Rhys Morgan Rhys Morgan is a 17 year old schoolboy from Wales. He has a keen interest in quack remedies, having been exposed to many through his own health problems with Crohn’s Disease. He hit the headlines on the BBC last year for exposing the bizarre world of a quack [read more…]

The Burzynski Clinic Threatens My Family.

November 24, 2011 183

Tonight, the entertainer Peter Kay will be performing the first of two special sell-out gigs in Blackpool to raise funds for a very poorly four-year old girl with brain cancer. The story of how this fundraising event came about was told in last weekend’s Observer. However, the £200,000 being raised looked like it was earmarked to send little Billie to a clinic in Texas to enrol in a trial that [read more…]

The False Hope of the Burzynski Clinic

November 21, 2011 178

Yesterday’s Observer contained a full page, heart breaking story of a 4-year old girl, Billie Bainbridge, who has a inoperable and rare form of brain cancer, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. The only option for this aggressive cancer on the NHS is radiotherapy which may reduce symptoms for a few months. Two year survival is less than 10%. It is difficult to think of anything more devastating for a young family. [read more…]

Turn On, Tune In, Quack

April 25, 2011 14

A paper in the open access and non-peer reviewed physics arXiv (Electromagnetic Signals from Bacterial DNA; Widom, Swain, Srivastava, Srivastava 2011) reports that bacteria such as  E. coli may have a sort of WiFi communication capability. The authors suggest that a quantum mechanical analysis of electrons moving around loops of bacterial DNA will produce low frequency radio waves. What is even more remarkable is that the authors, physicists Widom and [read more…]

Luc Montagnier’s Porridge Pill Cure for AIDS

March 30, 2011 17

Winning a Nobel Prize is the greatest honour a scientist can achieve. However, the prize means that they will be looked upon as people with special wisdom and insight and their views and endorsements will be eagerly sought. This is a simple error, as excellence in one time and place does not mean that winners need be superlative in all areas. Frenchman, Luc Montagnier received his Nobel Prize for work [read more…]

The Curious Case of Nativis, The Forsaken Nobel Prize Winner and the Ghost of Jacques Benveniste

June 10, 2010 20

I was recently alerted by Bob Park’s rather great What’s New email about an extraordinary new company in the US called Nativis.They have a swish new web site that proclaims “The New Era of Drug Signal Therapy”. Nativis state they are developing a range of new medical products with the  first being called Digitax™ which is aimed at “reducing and eliminating brain tumors”. Exciting stuff. And what makes this look [read more…]

Liverpool NHS PCT Drops Supernatural Cancer Claims from Website

March 24, 2010 9

Six weeks ago I wrote about how Liverpool Homeopathic ‘hospital’ was advertising that it offered cancer treatments based on the supernatural beliefs of mystic Rudolf Steiner. Observing that mistletoe grew on trees like a cancer, his homeopathic reasoning concluded that therefore mistletoe could be used to treat cancer. Given the obvious absurd and anti-scientific origins of this treatment, Liverpool PCT obviously feel that giving money to the Steiner company Weleda [read more…]

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