Powerwatch is not Scaremongering and Profiteering (anymore)

22nd June, 2007 1

A few weeks ago, I pointed out that some of the science on the Powerwatch site appeared to be significantly less than convincing about the link between mobiles, WiFi and ill health. I also pointed out that Powerwatch had a very close relationship with another company called EMFields.org. Basically, both companies domains were registered to Alistair Philips of Powerwatch. I was concerned that the commercial interests of selling anti-EMR gear [read more…]

Homeopathy Don’t Kill People, Homeopaths do.

21st June, 2007 39

Right, let’s get serious. It’s the end of Homeopathy Awareness Week and enough of the jokes. You might be surprised, but actually, I don’t have too big a thing against homeopathy. If people want to pop into Boots the Quack and buy a tub of sugar pills and give one to little Timmy when he falls off his bike with a ‘there, there’ and a kiss on the forehead, then [read more…]

Preview Quackery Web Sites

21st June, 2007 0

I have just installed a new tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site. There is no need to leave the quackometer to see the web sites I am talking about. You can see excerpts of Wikipedia articles, if I can’t find real references for what I am talking about, and quickly see any videos I link too. Sometimes Snap Shots [read more…]

Begging the Question for Homeopathy

19th June, 2007 7

As my own personal tribute to Homeopathy Awareness Week, and as promised in my last post, I would like to critique a paper that has appeared in this Summer’s edition of the journal, Homeopathy in Practice. The article is entitled “Hormesis, epitaxy, the structure of liquid water, and the science of homeopathy” and is by Domenico Mastrangelo. The paper has appeared elsewhere but is obviously so important that HiP sees [read more…]

Sue the Blogger: Homeopathic Thinking

18th June, 2007 4

Sue Young, homeopath, writer, historian, mother and a daughter, had a bit of a shock last week when a ‘murder’ of quack-busters descended on what used to be her quiet blog about her homeopathy practice. The reason was that she had written a rather topsy turvy piece about how nasty old scientist David Colquhoun FRS had picked on a little herbalist and used a QC to silence her. We know [read more…]

Self-Awareness in Homeopathy Awareness Week

15th June, 2007 9

Originally posted for World Homeopathy Awareness Week, I thought this would be worth bumping up for Homeopathy Awareness Week 2007 (14-21st June), organised by the Society of Homeopaths. So much awareness! You would have thought someone has actually proved there was something in it. Anyway… This blog entry is really for all you homeopathists taking part in the big event of the year. Starting on the 1oth of April, World [read more…]

Announcement: Subscribe to the blog via email

14th June, 2007 0

As promised, the first of a number of small improvements to the site. If you are one of those few people that actually read my musings in the blog, you can now subscribe to an email alert. You will receive an email when something is updated on the blog. Better than watching girls squabble on Big Brother. Just about. To subscribe, just type your email address into the box on [read more…]

Dr Ann Walker and Her Neanderthal Theories

12th June, 2007 22

In this story, a supplement industry spokesperson resorts to Creationist ‘Science’ for their evidence to support the ‘crucial’ nature of supplement pills, shows how we should eat like Inuits, without the messy business of catching fish (or dying young), and has a pop at one of the UK’s most respected academics when he dares to point out some herbal gobbledegook. A quackometer refrain is that where you find people saying [read more…]

Welcome to the New Look Quackometer

11th June, 2007 3

As you can see, the Quackometer has had a makeover. This is the first in a series of improvements I hope to make in the next few months. Please bear with me as I iron out the problems. I do not have access to hoards of testing monkeys to get this site right. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you spot a problem or can think of a way [read more…]

More Quackometer Products…

6th June, 2007 12

Le Canard Noir is currently working on a site revamp and this will now include a shopping area for all your favourite quackometer products. You have already had a sneak preview of the t-shirt range. Now, I can give you a teaser for the range of compulsory site mugs….

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