Welcome to the New Look Quackometer

As you can see, the Quackometer has had a makeover. This is the first in a series of improvements I hope to make in the next few months.

Please bear with me as I iron out the problems. I do not have access to hoards of testing monkeys to get this site right. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you spot a problem or can think of a way of improving the Quackometer.

I appreciate that there are significant problems with the site displaying correctly in Firefox. I hope to get these ironed out over the coming days. The evil Internet Explorer appears to be working about right at the moment.

Things you might want to note:

  • You can now use the QuackSafe Search facility from any page. Just type your query into the box below the banner.
  • The email address for getting in contact has changed. (An attempt to reduce spam!)
  • The Shop is coming soon.
  • You can leave general comments about the site here.


le Canard Noir

3 Comments on Welcome to the New Look Quackometer

  1. Nice redesign. Have you tested it in firefox 2 though? IE7 displays it nicely for me but FF2 has some problems witht the side bars. Just thought you should know

  2. It seems like the image of the t-shirt is displacing some of the “Friendly sites” links, because the “Shop” box doesn’t know how big it has to be to fit the image in. I think you can fix this by putting a non-breaking space in its own paragraph after the image.

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