Powerwatch is not Scaremongering and Profiteering (anymore)

A few weeks ago, I pointed out that some of the science on the Powerwatch site appeared to be significantly less than convincing about the link between mobiles, WiFi and ill health. I also pointed out that Powerwatch had a very close relationship with another company called EMFields.org. Basically, both companies domains were registered to Alistair Philips of Powerwatch. I was concerned that the commercial interests of selling anti-EMR gear may be making it hard for the organisation(s) to fairly appraise the available evidence on harm from EMR. For example, there is still little discussion of the large number of provocation studies that appear to suggest that electrosensitivity has nothing to do with EMR exposure.

It met with a lot of combative criticism from Powerwatch.

For example, Graham Philips said on my blog…

Powerwatch and EMFields have been linked by many, and it’s not something we’ve (on either side) ever denied. I wasn’t aware that it was supposed to be a secret?

That appears to be somewhat contradicted by what they say on their own website now…

Products previously available from Powerwatch are now available from http://www.emfields.org/, and they have kindly agreed to process our subscriptions.

Powerwatch has, for some considerable time, been accused by people from offical [sic] and unofficial bodies of deliberately scare-mongering in order to make money selling things to the public. Making money has never been a motive behind Powerwatch, although we obviously have to cover overheads including staff time even though much of that is freely given.

As a result, Powerwatch is now concentrating on the EMF and health science debate and the science and politics behind the relevant media news reports which are often misleading. Powerwatch will be extending its new website comment columns and will be inviting contributions from various people. Its basic information will continue to be free of charge and the topics and detail in the subscription service documents will be greatly extended. The small subscription helps towards our costs which are considerable. Some of the profit from the EMFields trading is donated to Powerwatch in the form of staff time. Donations towards the work of Powerwatch are welcome.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this change may cause you.

It was so kind of them to process the subscriptions, wasn’t it? And so generous to put some money and time back into Powerwatch for marketing education purposes.

Still no mention of the link between the two companies?

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  1. That’s interesting – donations from EMFields to PW come “in the form of staff time” – does that just mean that, as well as selling EMF-related widgets through EMFields, Philips will generously donate some time to working for Powerwatch to help expand the market?

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