The Black Duck and its Phoenix like Powers

Please bear with me as the new quackometer goes through its re-birthing pangs. Transfering to a new, better, more helpful and cuddlier hosting provider is taking time.

The Quackometer Engine and other facilities may well be out of action for a short while. Features will come on line over the next few days. Expect bugs and wierd behaviour.

Repsek goes out to the Positive Internet crew who have been amazingly helpful, understanding and who have the best support department of any host out there. Sign up with them today.

And to the whole community of sceptics. Too many to mention. What can I say?


16 Comments on The Black Duck and its Phoenix like Powers

  1. Good luck with your new site, but could you please fix the sidebars? I can only get them formatted correctly in IE. Since I prefer Mozilla based browsers, this is a problem.

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