Curzon Cinema Soho Hosting Fraudulent Doctor and dishonest VAXXED film.

What if you shout ‘Do Not Vaccinate Your Children’ in a crowded theatre?

Curzon Cinema in Soho appears to screening a secret showing of controversial quack film VAXXED and holding a Q and A afterwards with the film’s director – struck-off and discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield.

A ticket website is selling tickets for a screening on Valentine’s Day and looks to be close to selling out. The cinema website itself does not appear to list the screening. In addition to the ‘premier’ screening, a Q&A session will be held afterwards with Andrew Wakefield who was found to have acted fraudulently in his research over whether MMR was dangerous.

Also at the screening will be Jackie Fletcher, the woman who together with Society of Homeopaths Director and Solicitor, Richard Barr,  worked with Andrew Wakefield to try to bring a lawsuit to get compensation for their beliefs MMR had harmed her children.

This film has a history of controversy and it is perhaps no surprise that Curzon Cinemas are not making a big thing of screening it. In the US, the film was pulled from the Tribeca film festival due to its controversial nature. This hit the headlines when Robert de Niro appeared to endorse the film. de Niro was accused of selling out to ant-vax ‘crackpots‘.

The film trots out the thoroughly discredited  and fraudulent ideas of Wakefield that MMR somehow is associated with autism. No one apart from the President of United States appears to believe that now. Wakefield rocked up at Trump’s inaugural ball last week.

Vaxxed has had limited screening in the US. It is not a film that deserves serious attention and should be left to the darkest quack recesses of the web.

This is a junk conspiracy film of the worst kind. Its message is pure quack propaganda. Its message is one that will harm children by convincing some people that their children should not be vaccinated against serious illnesses. TO show this film at a respected cinema is thoroughly irresponsible and Curzon should follow the Tribeca Film Festival’s lead by dumping this screening as soon as possible.  Asking Curzon to drop the screening is not censorship. Wakefield is free to spout is dishonest nonsense to whoever he likes and whoever will hear him. You cannot censor a man who is close to the President Trump. But you can limit the damage that giving this film legitimacy might do.

Curzon Cinemas – do the decent thing, protect our children, and drop VAXXED now.

Update 1pm Thursday 26th Jan 

Adam Rutherford reports on twitter that the cinema has dropped the film. Well done to all who kicked up a fuss.

Update 1.30pm Thursday 26th Jan

Tom Whipple from the Times has a statement from the cinema

The Cinema says…

“The screening is not part of the Curzon programme; rather it is a private hire hosted by the filmmakers themselves. Part of our business is to provide an entirely impartial, democratic event space in which anyone can hire our screens for events and film screenings. All private hires are unaffiliated with the Curzon brand or any of our venues and we consider such events to be an entirely separate concern from that of our public-facing activity.

The presentation of Vaxxed is an example of this distinction being unclear and we now unwittingly find ourselves at the heart of the discussion around it, to a degree where we must take a stance on the material.

In light of the responses we have received from members of the public, we have decided to cancel the private hire contract and pull the film from our venue. We do not wish to profit from a film that has demonstrably caused great distress.”

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  1. It is no surprise at all that Curzon are not makjng a fuss. This will be a private hire. I bet that Curzon a) don’t even know Wakefield is turning up b haven’t seen the film themselves yet. People hire cinemas to show all sorts of stuff. Have a go at the organizers sure but perhaps waiting until you could contact Curzon about this would have been a bit more fair.

  2. Who is the quack that wrote this article? If vaccines are so safe and effective why are they being made mandatory and forced on our children? Where has our freedom gone to choose what we do with our own bodies? What will be next? Educate yourself !

    • Just another example of an uneducated comment. I am so glad Andrew Wakefield and his supporters have not given up! He is so brave despite the organized and deliberate sabotage of his career. This film exposes the power and greed of those profiting from these vaccines. As well as the lack of accountability for the damage they have caused. This is a subject I have been researching and following for three decades now. Don’t be lazy and line up like sheep, read the legal papers you will be signing for vaccines. Do your own research.

      • I have done my own research. I accept the results of the science and find the anti-vax movement to be dangerous and stupid.

    • As of mother of autism i know in my heart that my sons speech and behavior changed after vaccines. I believe that his immune system was compromised due to sevaral antibiotics and the shots triggered eveything. We are putting the disease in their bodies and their little buddies can’t fight it. We need more research! Also when i Google symptom that my son has there are article written by the suddenly discredited doctor. There is definitely a connection and they definitely want to shut dr wakefield up. They definitely did a good job…. do you homework and see for yourself. Talk to autism mothers. There is no coincidence

      • People amaze me. As mothers, as researchers as you claim to be, you know you’d want to protect your children from diseases that could kill them. You’d know that this is based on evidence, on science and not baseless claims, hunches or superstitions. You tell people to do their homework and yet it seems you haven’t done yours. These people HAVE done their homework and I think it’s good that this screening has been cancelled as it was run by a homeopath (magical onion water heals you, really?) and a doctor who was struck off for fraudulently trying to make people like you believe that vaccines hurt people. In other words, he was removed to practice from the register and the privilege of being doctor because he was a liar, and you still take his word for it over others who have legitimately proven otherwise? Without vaccines, so many children would have died needlessly and I’m sorry, but people like you need educating as a form of damage control to reduce the risk of anyone actually believing it or spreading this false idea or ‘alternative fact’ as it seems to now be known as. Fight the good fight, do YOUR homework and stop blaming vaccines for autism, to which is has absolutely no scientific and evidence based connection. Thank you.

      • Blaming mothers is sick. That appeal to emotion is not scientific on any level. The evidence based fallacy is falling apart, for illnesses to be only seen in terms of lack of drugs is total nonsense. One day there will be a big trial where all of you will be given opportunity to tell how you came to be a systemic liar, who paid you and what your mental deficiencies are as a defense. that day is awaited.

    • I have done my research, I find Andy Lewis blindfolded by the collective opinion of vested interests, unable to rationalise and guilty of pretending to be scientific. Hiding behind soft targets and claiming to be a higher morel. One side makes you smaller, the other makes you tall. The film isnt about Andrew Wakefield, it is about the fraudulent goings on at the centres for disease control, an apt name, the place where fake pandemics are generated using the media and ‘mandatory medicines’ are then forced on the public, at their expense. No doctor in the UK is following the Asfar ruling on informed consent with regard to so called ‘routine childhood vaccines and weekly hyjacks at schools all over the country where mass vaccine criminal fraud is taking place need to be prosecuted for.

    • Mary johns whatever nonsense you may claim to believe is of no relevance. Autism is a condition that develops in pregnancy, there is zero evidence that it is in any way caused by antibiotics or vaccines, all of which have been tested in clinical trials and found to be safe and efficacious.
      I think the best thing for you would be to educate yourself on the subject(several universities run short courses on vaccinology), you may then be able to avoid embarrassing yourself in future.

      • Shame on you Adrian-t & Taya Jenkins – get your heads out of the cesspit of blind ignorance – how dare you throw abuse at the mother of an autistic child. As mothers we KNOW when this happens – we KNOW when there is something wrong with our children and we are brave enough to speak out. Thankfully I do not have a vaccine damaged child. Why did I question the whole matter of vaccinations? I don’t know, but I was suspicious enough to say NO, to buy myself some time to do some research and I didn’t like what I discovered which by the way is the TRUTH. Since then I have seen many vaccine damaged children, all over the world. Watch the film if you can even see through the effluent from the cesspit of ignorance you live in, and learn….

      • MP –

        At the risk of being accused of being insensitive, becoming a mother does not imbue you with diagnostic superpowers. Knowing “something” is wrong is not the same as understanding the cause. It’s often the case that nothing is really seriously wrong. A child with little or no language can not tell you what is wrong.

        Holding a crying baby who then gurgles with pleasure after delivering a load of foul smelling liquid poo over you does things to you.

        Truth? No. What you saw was propaganda and child abuse. Having worked with autistic children I find it repugnant how the film used them. How would you like to be filmed when you are at your most stressed and then have it shown without your consent? How will these children feel as adults? Autism does not necessarily mean a total stop on development. Far from it.

        Whilst it is your choice whether to vaccinate your children or not, claims that you know the TRUTH are not justified.

  3. Shame on Curzon. Appalling decision to interfere and prevent people from seeing this film. If there is nothing to worry about then why stop people from seeing it?
    The idiot who wrote this article has no clue and is completely uninformed. Dr Wakefield’s research partner whose medical insurance paid for his appeal cleared him and he was reinstated. It is therefore completely inaccurate to say that it has been “discredited” and is “fraudulent”. Only today has yet another study in Italy identified problems with the content of vaccinations which are not disclosed and cause neurological damage. The liars are the vaccine industry and those who persist in preventing these incredibly serious problems from being properly investigated. The damage caused by injecting poisonous toxins like mercury and aluminium into the blood stream is immense. Anyone who says such substances are not poisonous to human beings is a liar.

    • Nicola – the film is propaganda. It is not a documentary that allows people to make up their own mind because it withholds the information that is counter to its message. It relies on emotional appeals and conspiracy. Parents who are not appraised of the full facts may make a misinformed decision and put their children at risk. The facts are well known and are not controversial among medical experts, and as such, the film is thoroughly irresponsible.

      The film exists to try to exonerate Wakefield. He was found to have several serious conflicts of interests in his work, he acted unethically in his engagements with children and was found to have fraudulently misrepresented the data in his paper on MMR. This is not in dispute. That a colleague of Wakefield’s was reinstated has no bearing on the outcome that Wakefield suffered. In Walker-Smith’s case, it was found that the GMC had failed to present their case appropriately. It was more of a technical finding than anything else.

      MMR has been thoroughly investigated by many independent investigators all over the world and no good evidence exists to associate MMR with autism. It is a discredited hypothesis. You say that the damage is caused by injecting “mercury and aluminium into the blood stream is immense”. No good set of evidence exists for this claim and, in any case, MMR does not contain either ingredient. To persist in making these claim is dishonest and reckless.

      • vaccine TV is propaganda Andy, being told we are all going to die from non existant pandemics and then underwriting the companies that make the vaccines and then mandating them is propaganda. Flu vaccine contains mercury and we are told to have one every year. To pretend that there is no problem and launch the ad hom rocket is dishonest and totally stupid

  4. I see the “usual suspects” are at it again. Whilst the movie was probably barking up the wrong tree with respect to the dangers of conventional medicines and lack of evidence base the anti-Vax people need to have a voice. Orwell defined freedom as the ability to tell people things they don’t want to hear.
    How about a movie on the half a billion the NHS urinated away during the last bird flu scare on these evidence based puppies?

    How about a movie on piss poor type 2 diabetes therapies or the 100,000 people a year who die from acute kidney injury (40% drug related).

    Missing the bigger picture as usual Andy/David/Ben/Simon and the couple at Nightingale whose names I cannot remember.

    Clearly you have some spare time. Draw a graph of UK vaccination rates in children in the UK and the rise in atopic conditions like asthma? Whilst correlation doesn’t mean causation it gives food for thought as to why Albania has limited asthma and New Zealand and the UK are off the charts.

    • If you think Andy is going to try an engage and admit modern medicine is failing asthmatics and killing them with medical science, you might have to burn a goat. The last thing Andy Pandy wants is a discussion about medical failure.

  5. Shame on Curzon,,, I want to know more…. establishment types have lied and fiddled before, so open scrutiny and continual checking makes for a safe, transparent society… while some vaccinations are successful, the argument for vaccines gives rise to a vulnerability. There exists a real danger that vaccines could be made toxic and life-threatening… we have incidents of compromised batches of vaccines… making legislation for compulsory vaccinations is just bring back the death-sentence. We all have choices and we are free to question and to choose,

    • The problem with this film is that it’s not a documentary. It’s propaganda. That’s why it was pulled and has so much hatred towards it.

      “I want to know more” – That’s the biggest problem with this film.

      It doesn’t allow you to know more. It’s full of claims and ‘facts’ that have been disproved and discredited by doctors and investigators all over the world. However, the film leaves this information out.

      ‘so open scrutiny and continual checking makes for a safe, transparent society’ – This goes on from above. The film does not give open scrutiny of the comments and claims made. It actively leaves out ALL of the reports which disprove his claims.

    • Polar bear, the only think successful about vaccines is the business model, doctors notifications are not science, they are the collective opinion of vested interests. There is no safe vaccine, that is a fallacy meme trotted out by the vaccine believer, and here you will find many with their heads stuck up the rear of this banana

  6. I feel as this was a private screening, it did not necessitate Curzon cancelling it. My simple belief is that perhaps there is something in vaccines that don’t agree with certain children and other individuals, in the same way, some of us may have allergies to peanuts or pollen. I also believe that Dr. Andrew Wakefield would not have put his career in jeopardy. It was, after all, research conducted by more people than just himself and much deliberation went into whether they should publish or not, as they wanted to ensure their findings were correct. Wakefield never suggested people should stop vaccinating children. He simply suggested that the causal link between MMR and autism required further study and suggested people vaccinate children with the separate measles, mumps and rubella vaccines.

    • It was a public meeting advertised on quack notice boards. It was designed to be a UK Premier with the ‘stars’ showing up. It was using the cinema’s West End prestige to do this.

      Your beliefs come rather second to the evidence and science here. Indeed, allergic reactions do occur but they are rarely serious.

      You also do not get Wakefield’s documented conflicts of interests in what he did. He was not a disinterested researcher here but stood to gain from the results he put forward. Against the evidence he recommended single vaccines – and he had a patent in an alternative vaccine.

      • I assume you have already seen this documentary Andy? If so, how do you explain the children featured, who regressed into autism within hours of having been vaccinated?

      • Children do not ‘regress into autism within hours’. Autism is about developmental delay and its appearance takes time. There is no point in time when ‘autism’ happens.

        As for other types of childhood illness or issues, when hundreds of millions of children are routinely vaccinated then some of those vaccinations will happen within hours, days, months of of child becoming ill. That is inevitable. Some of those parents will believe that the illness is triggered by the vaccination but there is no reason to believe this without much better evidence.

      • this conflict of interest thing is interesting, what about all those virologist that go viral on flu vaccines being mandated by the government when no sodding pandemic happened, all that Tamiflu bollucks, Roche losing data, ffs pot and kettle black spring to mind. There isn’t a medical ‘treatment’ out there that hasn’t done the rounds through PR advertising, medical peer review might as well work for Satchi. Ebola nonsense, a hundred times more people die from prescription painkillers than ever died from Ebola, antibiotic resistance is now a bigger threat to global survival than terrorism according to the WHO and who prescribes them – doctors!
        What on earth is your point Andy? Is it a boat floater?

      • So bloody what about the premiere, if the film is a load of lies and mistruths, why hasn’t the CDC sued everyone into jail for libel? They have enough political power and money to do it, look what they did to Wakefield. Thing is Andy, you are believer, not a scientist! You might be right about soft targets like Steiner and homeopathy but you are so totally wrong about the world of orthodox medicine, so bloody wrong and people know that. How’s it feel to be the fall guy? All the pro camp have is a Sunday times reporter and a private GMC hearing to go on, hardly a weighty legal scenario really, more conflicts of interest than I could chuck a stick at. LOL, whose side are you on Andy?

      • I saw the 2nd showing, the Q and A after was really good, the Vioxx whistleblower from Merck was there and she really opened up the mess that the dishonesty of medical peer review as evidence really is. Vioxx killed 500,000 people in the US, vaccines are not a lot different but they tend to disable people who fall off the diagnostic radar.

    • Vaxxed was advertised on facebook. In the US one child is diagnosed autistic every 7 minutes every year. There are thousands of kids who went down after their MMR, watching the films of them fine walking and eye contacting the week before their MMR and also watching kids fitting after the MMR then going downhill is a reality Andy

  7. You didn’t answer my first question Andy. Have you seen this documentary? If you have, explain why children reacted so badly and so quickly and suffer to this day into adulthood within hours of being vaccinated. If you haven’t seen it, may I suggest you try to and then I would really welcome your comments and explanations on it.

    • And you obviously did not fully comprehend Andy’s reply. Hundreds of millions of vaccines means a massively increased risk of coincidence. Conversely are you able to explain why the vast majority of hundreds of millions of children had no reaction and does this justify abandoning vaccination just because of the highly spurious concurrent reactions of a few?

      • No Kevin, I have nothing to do with the medical profession. I was asking out of curiosity. I appreciate that many, many children have no adverse reaction to vaccinations but surely you cannot deny the ones that have, a proper investigation. After all, that is all Andrew Wakefield was seeking at the first instance.

      • Richard – it was proven that in the first instance Wakefield was working for lawyer to earn thousands of pounds that he did not declare.

        Having failed tp gain any credibility with the scientific community, Wakefield now seeks affirmation amongst the cranks, quacks and antivax.

      • Why are you asking Andy for an opinion, he has no medical training, no understanding of therapeutics and may not even have children

    • Course he hasn’t seen it, Andy Lewis is a puppet in a chain, now the Voldemort of medicine is asking the Orcs to swing into action and blackmail people into bowing down to the dark lord.

    • @richardevans – You have to consider the position that parents with autism are in.

      They want someone or something to blame for their children’s autism. Because of this, they will inherently look for links that quite simply are not there.

      The whole vaccine things gives them something to blame it on. It’s an easy way for them to deal with the situation they’re in.

      You also have to remember, that in Wakefields original claims, he stated the children in his research had inflammatory bowel disease. However, the data actually shows this was not true.

      Funny how that is left out of the film? – You would think, as part of his work, he would want to explain how what he said, doesn’t correlate to the original data.

    • I completely agree with you Richard. Any adverse reaction deserves nothing less than appropriate, considerate and unbiased investigation. However, this has been undertaken and no correlation other than coincidence has been found, although I suspect you will dispute that 🙂 Please do not think though, that science is ‘Speak to the hand ‘cos the face ain’t listening’. The whole point of science is to be mutable to the best available evidence. So far this suggests that there is no reaction to vaccination and if, due to the rich tapestry of life, there are a few outliers, this is not significant enough to negate the undeniable benefit of vaccination to the hundreds of millions. I do sometimes think all of us in this western world live comfortable cosseted lives, worrying about reactions to vaccinations when many in the third world would be happy just to see most of their children survive to teenage years. I hope I do not sound condescending Richard but if you want to look back at an age before vaccination, then search for Victorian post mortem photography. It is an interesting but disturbing gallery and the vast majority of photographs are of small children. As a father of two small (vaccinated with MMR and perfectly healthy) boys, I find it very upsetting. Keep the Mansize Kleenex handy as you look at these awful images of loss. Regards, Kevin.

      • Kevin, your reply is plastered with vaccine fallacy memes, to many to mention in detail. The reason vaccines are ‘less effective’ the closer you get to the equator is because disease survival has nothing to do with vaccines or not. It is about clean water, food, shelter, no wars and sanitation. I am a happy parent of 4 unvaccinated children who have never actually needed to burden the NHS with anything of merit. My parents are both in their 80’s with no diseases or illnesses and still able to work, live at home. You paint a picture of vaccine nirvana fallacy that is rapidly turning into an atopic nightmare.

      • It is a lie that independent investigation into vaccine reactions have taken place, medical peer review is not science, it is the collective opinion of experts with the same vested interests that you accuse Wakefield of having! you Hypocrite Lewis

        One can’t wait for the truth and reconciliation hearing on vaccines, your name will be called to give ‘evidence’, rest assured

    • I think you mean ‘too many’, still I’d be amused to hear them. It’s fine not to vaccinate your children if you only risk their health but unfortunately you don’t, you put other children at risk as well. Sadly vaccines are not quite100% effective, if I found they hadn’t worked for my children and that they subsequently caught disease from an unvaccinated child, I would be knocking on doors. 50% of children in the 19th century did not make it to the age of 5. Yes, this did have a lot to do with living conditions and nutrition but you only have to look at death records to see how completely preventable childhood infectious diseases were responsible for a significant percentage of mortality and only some of this would have been prevented by bettering the social situation, the children of rich families often fared no better than the poor. The same re the third world, living conditions can only do so much and disease survival has everything to do with the provision of vaccines. The massive investigation into MMR was not peer review. I am not a fan of authorities such as the GMC as they do look a bit like old boy networks but having read the details of Wakefield’s methodology in his MMR research it is obvious he was grievously in error. Incidentally, did you know George Bernard Shaw was a notorious anti vaxxer? It’s true, he also thought sunlight killed bacteria and that all our sewage should have been pumped into our reservoirs! Hilarious.

      • Kevin, not vaccinating your children is a positive health choice, there is no value to vaccination unless you are a believer in medical peer review or like Bill and Melinda have shares in the product. Period

      • Kevin, your post is so full of medical anecdote fallacies it’s hilarious. Mortality from the so called ‘infectious’ diseases all fell at the same rate, even the ones with no vaccines, until vaccines leveled out the fall in the the ones that vaccines fiddled with. 95% of the decline occurred before vaccines were introduced en mass. Either your head is up your derriere or you just believe in medical peer review, both are pretty similar and tend to create hoards of goat breathed believers in all sorts of woo.

        It is why the ‘green book’ that the NHS uses all sorts of appeals to emotion to scare you into vaccinating your kids only uses doctors notifications and starts the graph just before vaccines come in. The NHS makes the classic ‘correlation is causation’ woo mistake to sell vaccines, with those fiddled graphs in the book. it also breaks the Asfar ruling on informed consent which means every GP and Pediatrician in the UK is criminally negligent because non of the contraindications are discussed fully with any child or parent, they just get the letter to attend.

  8. How very typical that the majority of negative unsubstantiated comments are made by people who have not seen the film. I assure that if you had, your opinion would be the opposite. Vaxxed is a threat to BigPharma and their control (3 times greater than that of the energy and oil companies) of our future. The negative publicity surrounding this film and its subject matter is geared towards a suppression of truth – much like mainstream media harping on about ‘fsake news’ when they are the biggest culprits! I suggest you listen to the interview below and re-evaluate. Bear in mind that the CDC is usually the main epicentre of all manmade diseases such as ebola, zika, sars, swine flu, aids etc… and countless others yet come (Lassa Fever, Mers and Nipah NiV to name but three)

    • I have seen the film and it is deeply misleading. It is essentially a confidence trick pulled on those without the background knowledge to understand why they are being misled.

    • Franklin, the rate of infectious diseases (we are not talking about mortality alone), has not fallen at the same rate and why ‘infectious’? Are you actually suggesting they are not infectious? Now that really would be hilarious. Figures from the Registrar General regarding Polio cases in the UK, figures which are often quoted by the anti vaccine brigade, show a steady increase of cases throughout the first half of the twentieth century with an especially big rise in the 1950’s. The rates were not dropping as you claim before the vaccine was introduced, they were in fact rising. The vaccine began in 1956 but the rate of Polio went up in 1957 and this figure is often proudly crowed over by the anti vaxxers, however there is obviously going to be a delay between delivery of a vaccine and its effect. In 1958 the rate of Polio dropped by around 50% and by 1963 there were only 39 reported cases compared to around 3200 in 1957. Of course you will have some alternative explanation for this, however Occam’s razor would suggest we accept the bleeding obvious which is that the vaccine caused the huge reduction in Polio; please don’t tell me lifestyle factors and education changed that much between 1957 and 1963 because they didn’t. Similarly with Smallpox, you and others of your ilk will say this disease is caused by poor nutrition, dirty water and war and that the worry of disease is simply an ‘atopic nightmare’! By the way, kill the darlings dearie. How is it therefore that this virus has been eradicated even from war torn countries with poor food and water supplies. Was it a sudden change in lifestyle factors or the global immunization project? As regards the Asfar ruling, our GP told us quite clearly the potential problems of vaccination so your statement that every GP is criminally negligent doesn’t really stand up does it? The broader the statement the narrower the mind! There are lots of flavours of crazy out there Franklin but to claim all vaccines are ineffectual is particularly dangerous and unpleasant to the palate.

      • Hey Kev, nice attempt at the swerve. Polio had nothing to do with vacciination, it was well known that DDT poisoning was the scourge there. Like Bill gates has caused chaos in India with his fake polio plus disaster and we now have Bill Gates variant Polio rife there. For any of you lurkers bothering to read this trite blog, how long did your doctor’s nurse spend going through all the negative outcomes of your child’s vaccine schedule! If they didn’t go through all of them, telling you all the negatives, however slight, then they are criminally negligent. Kev is obviously a GP luvvie, one of the rare breed who blindly trusts his doctor when they are currently so peess paw at their jobs, ie no one is getting better, the whole NHS is grinding to a halt.

      • Interesting you use the pejorative denomination which I have never signed – says a lot. Similarly your final argument descends into puerile insult, which again aptly illustrates your temperament. DDT was not banned in the UK until 1986, so riddle me this, how did the rate of polio fall so dramatically before they stopped using it? Come on Franklin, give it a go, I am most interested as to what explanation you come up with so as to avoid the facts. I do agree however, as someone who actually works for the NHS, that it is criminally underfunded by the Tories and it is slowly but surely grinding to a halt but ‘No one is getting better’? Oh dear, another sweeping statement from a slightly less than open mind. Have you ever heard of the Dunning–Kruger effect? In the mean time, keep denying the Holocaust and the Moon landings‎, play with the fairies at the bottom of your flat earth garden and treat your cancer with runes, crystals and sugar pills. Good luck Franklin, one day you will go running for Western medicine.

    Read that and choke on your medical mythology.

    The chronic medicine aspect of the NHS is disgusting. Most of your returning work is side effects from the last palliative prescription. I have, like many people, utterly no sympathy for junior doctors, they have no narrative regarding the cause of most of the conditions they are failing to ‘treat’ on any level. I am campaigning for longer waiting lists, that way more people may actually avoid destructive fake ‘treatments’ for their problems.

    The only aspect of the NHS I have used and have no problem with is accident and emergency, it is amazing. The rest is complete BS, especially the woo of ‘auto immune diseases’ which attract the greater woo of immune suppressants as a ‘treatment’. I have never consulted a GP for an opinion on my health, nor the health of my family, why on earth should I?

    I would say, as someone in their early sixties, that my families alternative approach to staying well has saved the NHS a small fortune.

  10. Andy Lewis

    I agree with you the correlation here. Your fore fathers ate organic food for years and that is the reason for your autism? The logic above is quite rational.

    What about small pox?

    “But an adviser to WHO who disclosed the problem, told The Times: ‘I thought it was just a coincidence until we studied the latest findings about the reactions which can be caused by Vaccinia. Now I believe the smallpox vaccine theory is the explanation to the explosion of Aids.’ ‘In obliterating one disease, another was transformed.’

    Is this scientific?

  11. I agree that the film is utter tosh, but the Streisand Effect ought to make one extremely wary of calling for the cancellation of a screening of a film one disagrees with.

  12. Inflammatory bowel disease is not left out of the film, I saw it this week and part of it showed endoscopy of this very issue in a child. Go and see the film, it isn’t about Wakefield it is about the corruption at the CDC

  13. You can stream vaxxed on itunes and Amazon, it is the no 2 after walking dead which is rather ironic considering vaccine autism is a bit like the walking dead

  14. Wakefield is not fraudulent. The authors of the famous MMR study carried out by 9 eminent scientists including Wakefield appealed to the High Court and WON. Therefore this paper is not fraudulent. They are now in the process of suing Deer the plaintiff for defamation.

    • Wakefield’s fraud extended beyond the paper. The charges against him were not the same as against others. The guilt or not of others has no bearing on his own guilt.

      • Andy, fraud is a strange banana here. The GMC had a vested interest in maintaining MMR uptake, so did Brian Deer’s employer Murdoch who has family interests through publishing medical papers. Those skeletons never made it into mainstream media because they too depend on funding from those who sell the snake oil. The GMC is not a legal court, it is a kangeroo court and was seriously slated when his co defendants had their negative judgements overturned in a legal court.

        ‘regulators’ of professions are more concerned with brown nosing than ‘protecting the public’. the idea that increasing childhood vaccines is ‘protecting the public’ is a fraud of the highest order. The film Vaxxed isn’t about Wakefield, it is about the CDC and how bullshit the process of vaccine production and validation is, how vaccine companies cannot be sued, but they validate test and mandate their own products and have complete protection under written by government.

        That is dangerous and unethical.

      • OOh I do love a good conspiracy theory. It is quite possible to allow yourself to believe anything once you let go of the need for actual evidence and instead embrace innuendo and loose connections.

        By the way – you are quite wrong about the GMC – it is charged by statute with its duties to strike off doctors who break the rules. As such it is a de facto court and like any other court can be criticised by a higher court. This says nothing about Wakefield’s striking off. Now, would you concede you are wrong on this point? That is always a good test of intellectual honesty or will you weave it into your conspiracy?

  15. Those who have not suffered from vaccine injury do think that Vaccinations are great and it is boon of science. Actually whole world is suffering from chronic diseases due to vaccinations. Getting the infectious disease is much more better and self curable than taking the vaccinations. Vaccinations is a piece of shit which science has created.

  16. Nice septic swerve Andy, avoiding the hypocritical conflict of interest that the GMC has regarding vaccine compliance over safety. Measles is only an issue when doctors try to ‘treat’ it or the patient is seriously malnourished. When I was a child most kids had measles, I don’t remember anyone dying. Then we didn’t have the epidemics of allergic diseases we have now, in vaccinated kids. I would rather have a few days with a rash, off school and a cleaner body after the event than a medical nemesis any day. The idea of a so called ‘health worker’ approaching a malnourished dehyrated child in a war zone with a vaccine makes me physically sick. What an utterly patronizing British Empire style imposition. How about sorting the toilets, food and water out? I suppose that isn’t as sexy as some share holder led crusade and politicians would have to put rubber gloves on.

    • I think you need to realise that a conspiracy is talking about something, when it is happening it is a fact, I love kicking a septic shite like you, it is a kind of therapy and it’s free

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