Unboxing a 5G Protection Device

Rory Cellan-Jones has been exposing the rather bizarre takeover of Glastonbury Town by 5G conspiracy theorists. The council published a report that called for an ending of 5G rollout. Several members of the working group that looked into the safety of 5G complained that the group had been taken over “by anti-5G activists and “spiritual healers”.

This is not surprising to anyone who has ever visited the town of Glastonbury. There is not a shop, pub, business or chip shop that has not been taken over by “spiritual healers” of one sort or another. You cannot walk down the High Street without being smothered in a fog of incense and patchouli. It is far easier to buy a dozen black candles and a pewter dragon than it is a pint of milk.

Science has no sanctuary in Glastonbury. Homeopaths, healers, hedge-witches and hippies all descend on the town to be at one with the Goddess.

Cellan-Jones tweeted today how someone in Glastonbury has been endorsing an ‘Anti 5G USB Stick device”.

The makers of 5G bioshields claim to use a “PROPRIETARY HOLOGRAPHIC NANO-LAYER TECHNOLOGY” to,

provide protection for  your home and family,  thanks to the wearable holographic nano-layer catalyser, which can be worn or placed near to a smartphone or any other electrical, radiation or EMF emitting device.

This is of course bullshit.

But it is bullshit that sells at £283.00 and is endorsed by the good denizens of Glastonbury.

Variations of such devices have been around for many years, peddled to protect you from the every increasing dangers of 3G, WiFi, 4G and now 5G. Every few years, a new scare comes along to keep selling such devices.

I bought one a few years ago.

The device I bought was from a chap called Gary Johnson,

a qualified Homoeopath, Subtle Energy engineer and lecturer in health & environmental analysis. Developing the art and science of mental/emotional/physical  healing for 28 years.

Gary sells a number of solutions to the problems of mobile radiation. He has updated his range somewhat since I bought my device a few years back but a full house solution will set you back about £200.

Gary has devised a unique Bio-Feedback analysis system that tests an individuals mental, emotional, physical and environmental characteristics,  and with the aid of advanced homoeopathic and vibrational remedy programs, has helped many people from all walks of life, nationally and internationally 

Now, most of the people of Glastonbury are well intentioned, if not deluded, when they sell their herb bundles and crystal harmonisers. But how can you sell an electronic device to ‘neutralise radiation’ and be ‘well intentioned’?

I opened the box to find out what is inside – the slideshow will take you through my discoveries.

Now, I live a few miles outside of Glastonbury, and despite what you may think, knowing my 15 years or more debunking quackery, I am fairly tolerant of its eccentricities. There is no deception that what goes on in Glastonbury is not deeply alternative and spiritual. There is no pretence that the dreamcatchers and divine goddess workshops are anything other than mystical in nature. Pseudoscience is not prominent. The economy thrives on everyone selling each other scented candles and skull ashtrays.

Yes, you do hear of pilgrimages of people in the last days of cancer seeking help desperately. I am not beyond thinking that some may find comfort in the yurts of shamen.

But the 5G conspiracies, especially as they are now so tightly coupled to COVID-19 conspracies, and blended together with a strong dollop of anti-vaccine denialism, mean that people will die.

And that is something Glastonbury ought to be shamed of. It is not too late for the town council to act firmly here. Leave the mysticism to the High Priestesses on the High Street. As responsible officers of the town, pseudoscience and deception have no place,

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    • So I literally cannot post a comment with links to reputable scientific journals and papers showing the clear and widespread damage of electromagnetic/radiofrequency/microwave radiation to biological organisms, especially human-beings.

      Great “anti-spam” system you have going;

      For your benefit, and hopefully anyone else reading this, please find the following papers;

      “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health – ELSEVIER – Environmental Research”

      “Bibliography of reported biological phenomena and clinical manifestations attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation – US NAVY Glasier 1972”

      “Report on the Peer Review of the Draft NTP Technical Reports on Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure to Rats (900 MHz) in TR-595 and Mice (1900 MHz) in TR-596 – National Toxicology Program 2018”

      • We had all of this 5G nonsence with 4G, and 3G, an 2G, and 1G (not that we called it back then) and literally no one died then either. You would think after 30 years of this and billions of examples “real world” experimentation at least one person would have died of it?
        What relevance do any of your cherry picked papers in “reputable” scientific journals have to do with 5G? I can tell you what, they have nothing to do with it. What are your qualifications to comment on them? You don’t have any. Shall we put down the bong, leave the science to those that understand how it works, get off Youtube and go outside instead?

      • The strength of EMF’s falls of at the square of the distance from the source, as you should know. Though the further you are from the phone mast the more power your phone puts out to connect to it. So better ditch your phone if you are so worried.

        You can find papers in silly little journals saying all sorts of stuff. But the epidemiologists did a big study on EMFs and cancer, my wife helped run it. It found nothing, nada, and it had on site field measurements so a dose response curve could be drawn if they found anything, which they didn’t.

        And you had better live somewhere without lightning or auroras if you want to avoid EMF’s and your internet connection will not be possible in the Faraday caged room you doubtless inhabit. So how was your missive to the spam filter sent?

    • It would be about as believable as Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize and bombing seven different countries into the Stone Age. Oh wait a minute.

  1. Hi, your article implies we’re all a bit stupid. I’m not a 5G conspiracy theorist, I don’t actually know any. I live in Glastonbury, am a full time nurse, a Druid, and a tax payer, with a science degree, so “the economy thrives on everyone selling each other scented candles and skull ashtrays” isn’t true. Neither is “most of the people are well intentioned if not deluded”. As for “leave the mysticism to the High Priestesses on the High Street”, there will probably be some High Priests there as well, so let’s be inclusive.
    Please don’t make this situation caused by the few, worse for the rest of us, and please do not make blanket statements about the people of Glastonbury.
    Thank you,

  2. I’ve made a complaint via Citizens advice about the misselling of these devices. I doubt anything will come off it but I’d encourage other to do so too.

    • I’m just doing the same, but they will only act on UK businesses (is they act at all which is unusual). I can’t find out where this outfit is based. They don’t say. I can’t find it on Companies House. Without a street address nothing will happen.

  3. It will never work there are NO magnets arranged in a Halbach array or even a magnetic inverter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyvfDzRLsiU
    Its a pity you did not open the tube there may have been “magnets”!


    I suspect that the cut wires were actually attached to dark matter (the black substance underneath) and that allowed the 5G signal to dispersed into the 7th dimension. ;o)

  4. Magnets are required to make all things operational – obviously. Best effect is a Halbach array or magnetic inverter wwwdotyoutubedotcom/watch?v=LyvfDzRLsiU


    looking at the disassembly I see 2 black pads to which the battery and coil are connected. These are obviously dark matter and are warping the 5G signals into the 7th dimension :^)

    Its a pity you did not investigate the copper tube as this may have retained the magnets and in consequence all the power of the 5G signals intercepted (care needed here)

  5. Wow, this really needs to be investigated by trading standards asap. Full disclosure: I am one of the former proprietors of the Cat and Cauldron in town. However, witches though we might be, we have a background in tech (I have a doctorate from Cambridge in the History and Philosophy of Science and a masters in AI and my partner is a former IT consultant). So we may have spent the last few years selling cauldrons, but we’re pro science, to put it mildly, and both of us flatly refuse to sell anything that purports to be a technological solution to an imaginary problem. Well do I recall the issue with the Chocolate Love Temple, who informed a mutual friend that they were protected against the deleterious effects of wifi by placing ‘dilithium crystals’ in the walls of the CLT. When the friend said “I thought those were in Star Trek?” they never spoke again…

    I also remember the initial fuss over wifi with some cafe workers insisting that they were suffering from blinding headaches caused by the caff’s new router. This was when the owner had to break the bad news that they hadn’t actually switched it on yet.

    My own stance on 5G? I checked it out with an old friend who is a professor of astrophysics at Imperial and if he’s not worried, I’m not worried. He’s not worried.

  6. Hey, Andy, don’t be so hard on the guy! He had the common sense not to connect the coil to the battery and cause a short circuit, and the soldering on the (intended-for-spade-250-connector) terminals on the rocker switch is quite neat, even if he couldn’t be arsed to heat-shrink the heat-shrink (at least, I presume that’s what it is – it should be) on the LED leads.

    Has he got any testimonials from the “EM-field sensitives”?

    • But he has wired a 9V battery up directly to an LED (V3.3 at best?) without any kind of resistor in series (potentially the tube could have done that, but he’s wired it wrong). So presumably that LED is going to blow in relatively short order compared to its expected lifespan…

  7. How much? Right! In the best interests of restarting the national economy – so effectively destroyed by Boris and his gang of backstabbers; could I just point out that I can do them for £49.99, which i think you’ll agree is really competitive. Some of them might have ‘Intergral; printed on them . . . except for the ones which have ‘Verbatim’ (actually I think one might have ‘Kingston University’ on it but that depends on how may I sell before Rymans opens again!) down the side, but they are ‘special’ and protect your pets as well!

  8. Sadly, the auto advertising I see is for a Rayguard electrosmog filter! But it’s a Swiss design, and they are good at cuckoo clocks so it probably works.

  9. I live in Glastonbury and I have to say the town council are an embarrasment. I would love to get in touch with the guys that resigned the committee and shake their hands – good on you for trying! They were obviously only included as ‘token science types’ to give the inevitably denialist/anti-science conclusion of the report credibility. I have occasionally considered starting a Glastonbury pro-science or sceptic group but I don’t know if I have the energy, having spent the last 20 years having the same sort of debate with my fellow veterinary surgeons.

    Thanks for publicising this.

    • Ha yes. A Glastonbury Sceptics would be hilarious. I did speak there once when they dod a ‘Day of the Dead’ around town on Cancer Quackery.

      Lead balloon.

    • To Niall,

      I wouldn’t bother. I lived In Glastonbury on and off for 8-9 years and the ability to think rationally was not high on the agenda with many people there. Mind you neither was it with myself. I moved there believing that “miracles” really would happen – a notion of which I was disabused after doing a “critical thinking” course. Still good on you you for trying. That said there are really good people there and they were gentle.

      To Andy,

      Long time – no hear. Thank you for doing really good work at this present time. We need level headed people at the moment and you are one of those. Thank you for also recognising that there are good people in Glastonbury – which there are – and I want everyone to stay alive.

      I last saw you years ago when a lady was trying to serve a “notice” on you and you walked out of the meeting – and rightly so in my opinion. I hope you and your family are well. Sorry at being a bit off topic I know – but well these are “unprecedented times”!

      Best wishes,


  10. Well, how much radiation is enough, how much does it take to be toxic? That’s a reasonable question, isn’t it? Unfortunately, skepticism seems to be a dodge in place of actually confronting real science.
    FDA recommended homeopatic Influenzinum, btw, appears to be successful in stopping the pandemic in India and Cuba where it is government supported. Checkout the respective infection rates on Worldometer.info.

    Here’s what the US FDA has referenced for decades for the homeopathic vaccine for influenza by Clarke:

    Influenzinum.nosode of Influenza. Read it and weep.

    Clinical.─Catarrh. Colds. Influenza.

    Characteristics.─The nosode of influenza has with many practitioners taken the place of Baptisia as the routine remedy in epidemics. It may be given in the 12th or 30th potency, either in the form of tincture, pilules, or discs; or ten globules may be dissolved in six ounces of water, and of this a dessertspoonful may be given for a dose. It may be repeated every two hours. This will be found sufficient to control a large proportion of the cases. The general directions I give to my patients are these: When “colds” appear in a family let all those who are unaffected take Arsen. 3 thrice daily, and let the patients take Influ. 30 every hour or two. This generally prevents the spread of the trouble and clears up the “colds,” whether they are of the influenza type or not. Influenza has the property of developing old troubles, and thus it takes an infinite variety of forms in different persons, so that Influ. need not be expected to cure all cases unaided, or, indeed, to be appropriate to every case.
    Relations.─I find Influ. compatible with Act. r., Ars., Bell., Bry., Hep., Merc., and many others.

    • Fascinating!
      Can you point us to where your work has been published?
      Have you done any work using placebo controls (homeopathic pillules not exposed to any mother tincture or potentised)?

      If not, how do you know your use of homeopathic prepararations has not been a waste of money?

    • Searched Influenzium on FDA.gov. Only thing that came up was three warning letters to suppliers, who were making various claims for it.

  11. I’m sorry but its codswallop which is OK but the fact they are ripping people off and exploiting people because of their fear and lack of technical knowledge means its just not on.
    I’ve been in the radio industry both professionally and in my spare time for 40 years. There is no evidence that is accepted by people who DO know what they’re talking about that demonstrates 5G frequencies are dangerous to health, at the emitted powers and distances from antennas we are talking about anyway.
    I’m afraid it just shows a total lack of understanding.
    Bit like remote Reiki healing, total money making rip off.
    Tin hat on.. (Which I’ve been told also protects me from mind control by aliens..) 😉

  12. PS. There is a resistor in there for the LED, its just been covered by the black shrink wrap insulating material. Probably 330 Ohm at a guess..

  13. The USB sticks are available from Alibaba for $2.80 (+ engraving the George and Dragon clip art), if anyone wants to jump on the 10,000% markup bandwagon (alibaba.com/product-detail/Promotional-gifts-crystal-USB-flash-drive_62409634097.html)

  14. Oooh 5G woowoo, these things exist in all walks of life, 5G, WiFi, Car Tuning, generic harmonising gadget wankery, all bull all does nothing but turn an LED on and charge a fortune for, I often think i’m missing a trick, wouldn’t take a lot to create a PCB with a few dummy components on even an unprogrammed cheap Microcontroller and sell for £££’s!

  15. But copper has such healing power, I’m not in the slightest bit surprised there’s a bit in this wonderful device. So it’s hollow, but as they say, I don;t care if my lettuce has got DDT on it as long as it’s crisp.

  16. Its quite astonishing to see crybabies in the comments going on about EMF dangers without addressing the object in this article in the first place. Perhaps they bought this LED ?

  17. Ah, Glastonbury. Ask them to believe in the copper bracelet/healing crystals/gemstones/homeopathy etc that they no doubt already possess and are “just as strong”, if not stronger in their protections than this device.

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