Dame Shirley Porter Funded Prince Charles’ Political Report on NHS Alternative Medicine

6th April, 2010 26

After writing about how Prince Charles’ charity, the Foundation for Integrated Health, is now under police investigation for possible fraud, it has become clear how I have missed one of the most shocking aspects of the Smallwood Report. The report has proved to be very controversial because it was commissioned by Prince Charles and was sent directly to government ministers in an attempt to influence them to fund the provision [read more…]

Police Investigate The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health

4th April, 2010 14

Scotland Yard has been called into Prince Charles’ charity, the Foundation for Integrated Health, to investigate alleged fraudulent transactions. Reports suggest that either £150,000 or £300,000 has gone missing from the charity and that the accounts could not be signed off by auditors because of transactional discrepancies. The charity has already received fines for late submission of accounts. Failure to file is a criminal offense. This comes just a few [read more…]

Vanessa Feltz and Other Mangy Foxes

11th July, 2008 19

This morning on Vanessa Feltz’s BBC Radio London show, the discussion was about London’s urban foxes. Nothing is more likely to split opinions in the UK. For city dwellers, foxes are a common sight for early rising suburban commuters, occasionally upturning bins, but mostly tolerated and even enjoyed. For us country folk, they are vermin. They need to be destroyed along with rats, rabbits, otters, red kites, swans and unwanted [read more…]

Patrick Holford’s Advertising Standards

19th September, 2007 7

Poor Patrick Holford. Doing business has its ups and downs and, alternative nutritionist and pill salesman Patrick, has his own fair share of business successes and failures at the moment. He has recently sold himself to NeutraHealth for £464,000. Quite an achievement; maybe not so poor Patrick. But he is also increasing coming under more and more criticism for his ideas on nutrition. A Google search of ‘Patrick Holford’ shows [read more…]

Will Homeopathy and iTunes Cure AIDS?

19th August, 2007 15

Peter Chappell (10 Canards) is a founder member of the Society of Homeopaths, he is a Fellow of the Society and has written several influential books on homeopathy. He describes himself as an inventor and a visionary, a charity worker and teacher. He also appears to be dangerously deluded. Chappell makes his name by producing his own homeopathic preparations. His idea is to produce specific remedies to cure named diseases, [read more…]

The Gentle Art of Homeopathic Killing

16th August, 2007 64

11 October 2007 11:47am My web hosting company Netcetera have received a complaint from the legal representation of the Society of Homeopaths about this posting. On the request of my hosting company, I have taken down this post while I try to understand the concerns of the Society of Homeopaths. Update 26 October 2007 The Society of Homeopaths have still not responded to requests to explain their position. To see [read more…]

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