Huddersfield Family Raising Funds for Burzynski

22nd April, 2017 9

It is not possible to imagine the distress that the Sitkowska family must find themselves in as their child, Cristiano, has an aggressive tumor and they have been told there is no more that can be done to save his life. I look at my own children and imagine how hard I would fight to do something to change the situation. Cristiano has been through treatment ordeals and it has not [read more…]

Does the Updated Saatchi Bill Pass the Burzynski Test?

5th June, 2014 0

Today, Lord Saatchi is presenting his Private Member’s Bill to the House of Lords. It is the start, he hopes, of this Bill’s passage to become law. I have previously documented about how this Bill looks like it could be a Quacks’ Charter and could even hinder medical research, against the express aims of the Bill. It is quite clear too, that the overwhelming response of doctors, professional bodies, medical [read more…]

The Burzynski Millions

19th March, 2012 48

Dr Stanislaw R. Burzynski presents himself as a lone maverick doctor, struggling against the vested interests and great wealth of the medical profession. He claims to have found a safe and effective form of cancer treatment that can save children with the deadliest forms of cancer. But he claims the medical authorities and “Cancer Industry” do not want you to know this and will try anything to shut him down. [read more…]

Burzynski Supporting Charity Loses Funding

19th January, 2012 13

Discussing the problems posed by unconventional clinics, such as the Burzynski Clinic in Texas, has been a frustrating business. Leaving aside the direct threats from the clinic, it appears that such ventures attract followers with a religious zeal about what they do. It also is clear that the media cannot discuss the issue without framing it around a dying child with all the distortions that is bound to create. So, [read more…]

Burzynski in Court: Patient treated like a ‘Cash Machine’

19th January, 2012 14

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski has some problems. His forthcoming hearing with the Texas Medical Board has been widely publicised.  It would now appear that he has more immediate concerns. According to the Courthouse News Service, an elderly cancer patient is suing Burzynski for allegedly “bilking her of nearly $100,000”. The charges are horrific and may well finish off Burzynski. Amongst those reported are that the clinic pursuaded Lola Quinlan to embark on Burzynski’s ‘proprietary’ treatments [read more…]

Dr Hilary Jones Promotes Questionable Burzynski Clinic on TV

21st December, 2011 30

There is a stark and inexplicable difference in how the mainstream media and bloggers have been covering the Texas based cancer clinic of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski. There has been an explosion of blog posts since the clinic starting threatening bloggers who questioned the claims of the clinic, my own blog included. Instead of looking at the claims of the clinic and the ethical practices involved in the long running ‘trials’, [read more…]

The Observer Responds – Complicity in Misinformation

4th December, 2011 43

This morning, the Observer has responded to the large amount concern raised by its coverage of the Burzynski Clinic two weeks ago. The Observer told the story of how Peter Kay and other celebrities were raising huge sums of money to send a four year old girl with cancer to a ‘pioneering’ clinic in Texas. Except that the Observer failed to mention the controversial nature of this clinic and how [read more…]

Burzynski Clinic Issues a Statement

1st December, 2011 27

What to make of the press release issued by the Burzynski Clinic? Well, the good news is that Marc Stephens, the PR man who threatened my family, has had his ‘professional relationship’ severed. In this statement, we find out that Burzynski had indeed asked Stephens to stop criticisms of his business interests appearing on the web. And to do so, Stephens resorted to threatening bloggers, with the worst example being [read more…]

The Burzynski Clinic Threatens 17 Year Old Blogger

28th November, 2011 36

I have been hinting that Burzynski has been threatening other prominent UK bloggers. Well, that blogger has now gone public. Rhys Morgan Rhys Morgan is a 17 year old schoolboy from Wales. He has a keen interest in quack remedies, having been exposed to many through his own health problems with Crohn’s Disease. He hit the headlines on the BBC last year for exposing the bizarre world of a quack [read more…]

The Burzynski Clinic Threatens My Family.

24th November, 2011 184

Tonight, the entertainer Peter Kay will be performing the first of two special sell-out gigs in Blackpool to raise funds for a very poorly four-year old girl with brain cancer. The story of how this fundraising event came about was told in last weekend’s Observer. However, the £200,000 being raised looked like it was earmarked to send little Billie to a clinic in Texas to enrol in a trial that [read more…]

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