The Meaning of the 10:23 Homeopathy Campaign.

18th January, 2010 49

In the last few days, a new campaign has been launched with the aim of showing that homeopathy is an ‘absurd pseudoscience’ and that Boots the Chemists should not be selling these sugar pills to the public as if they were genuine medical products. The ‘10:23’ campaign, as it is known, has a very flashy web site ( and states that it has been set up and organised by a [read more…]

Basic Alternative Medicine “Baffles Britons”

12th June, 2009 8

Many people in the UK are unable to identify the location of their major chakras, a study warns. A team at the Institute of Magical Thinking found public understanding of basic alternative medicine has not improved since a similar survey was conducted 40 years ago. Less than 50% of the more than 700 people surveyed could correctly place the anahata chakra, Moonbat’s Holistic Drop-in Centre says. Under one-third could place [read more…]

Toadying and Sycophancy

11th June, 2009 18

Of Lordly acquaintance you boast, And the Dukes that you dined with yestreen; Yet an insect’s an insect at most, Tho’ it crawl on the curl of a Queen! Roburt Burns, The Toadeater In the UK, those who wish to challenge the beliefs of alternative therapy have a problem. The greatest exponent of alternative medicine is indeed our future head of state and King, Prince Charles. A little royal patronage [read more…]

Chiropractic: A Joke

1st June, 2009 31

Apologies…     There were two doctors in a bar, spending the evening moaning about the current state of the NHS, government interference, hospital managers, crap IT, abusive patients, litigious patients, rotas, paperwork, overwork, lack of time with patients who need it – you get the picture. The first says, “You know what? It has got to the state where I want to jack it all in and get into [read more…]

What can be done to keep Bad Science at bay?

1st September, 2008 14

The comedy genius of What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You always has me in stitches. A recent blog entry warns us of the dangers of DIRTY ELECTRICITY. Their comedy writer, Jo Blogs, warns us that, Dirty electricity’ is a phenomenon few of us have heard about but it could be affecting the lives of millions of people around the world, according to new research. Basically, dirty electricity is a power quality [read more…]

The ‘Close Doors’ Button

23rd April, 2008 23

I read a rather disconcerting thing the other day. Apparently, the ‘close doors’ button on lifts (elevators, for my American friends) does not work. It is there to give us a sense of control in the tin box suspended on a rope. We press it but the lift control mechanisms decide when the doors should actually shut according to their pre-programmed cycles. My reaction was of course total disbelief. For [read more…]

“Nothing Acts as Well as FairDeal Homeopathy”

8th January, 2008 12

It looks like the campaign to clean up homeopathy is having effects! A new supplier of homeopathic remedies appears to have entered the market with the promise that “we won’t lie to you”. They say, “For some reason, many homeopaths feel they have to tell their patients lies and fairy stories, and try to baffle them with pseudo-science. Here at FairDeal Homeopathy, we treat you like adults, and only tell [read more…]

The Homeopath at the Ataraxia Theatre

3rd January, 2008 0

As I am sure you are aware, the marketing departments in pharmaceutical companies employ hoards of cartoonists to mock the alternative medicine industrty, alledgedly. Here is the latest attempt to reduce the grand holistic arts to beano style ridicule. Joseph Hewitt’s Ataraxia Theatre obviously has a thing going on about homeopaths. His latest scribble is a beautifully observed mocking of the absurdity of homeopathy. Joseph Hewitt is an English teacher [read more…]

Winterson/Goldacre Head-to-Head in the Daily Mail

28th November, 2007 4

The Daily Mail have re-printed the Guardian’s homeopathic spat between Jeanette Winterson and Ben Goldacre. Both articles (trimmed down) are now head-to-head. But not all is at it seams. I have done some photo analysis on the pictures on that page and uncovered a disturbing truth. Look at the picture below. After some photo manipulation I have been able to reveal this… Look at the picture close up. Who do [read more…]

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