How to Turn your Whole House into a Big Bad Wi-Fi Aerial.

So, with all this hot air blowing around about the inevitability of our imminent deaths due to mobiles and Wi-Fi, it is no surprise that nutrient supplement salesman Patrick Holford starts using his extensive physics knowledge to keep us safe from the evils of the ‘New Big Pharma’, the mobile-wifi-EMR conspiracy of ‘Vested Interests’. Patrick rids his home of Wi-Fi and in doing so starts a new experiment in the dangers of EMR – but that is to come.

Patrick has sent his latest missive from 100% Health e-news, entitled ‘Wi-Fi Health Warnings: Is Your Broadband Harming Your Health?’. The short answer ought to be of course, ‘No’, but instead Patrick subjects his subscribers to his flaky knowledge of electromagnetic theory. Let’s pull his email apart…

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