German Homeopathy Companies Pay Journalist who Smears UK Academic

16th July, 2012 136

A consortium of pharmaceutical companies in Germany have been paying a journalist €43,000 to run a set of web sites that denigrates an academic who has published research into  their products. These companies, who make homeopathic sugar pills, were exposed in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung in an article, Schmutzige Methoden der sanften Medizin (The Dirty Tricks of Alternative Medicine.) This story has not appeared in the UK media. And it [read more…]

The Society of Homeopaths Intend to Ignore the Law.

28th June, 2012 43

As we saw a few days ago, the medicines regulator have written a robust response to the current panic campaign by homeopaths to try to create new legislation that would let them practice legally. It is slowly dawning on homeopaths that their business model is illegal. And with current plans to simplify medicines legislation, that illegality has been exposed. The Society of Homeopaths look like they have been lobbying ministers. [read more…]

The End of Homeopathy

26th June, 2012 205

Homeopaths have been in a panic over the MHRA’s activities in cleaning up existing medicines’ law. MPs have been bombarded with desperate,but misleading claims,that the law isbeing changed and that they will be put out of business. The law is not being changed. But they may well indeed be out of business soon. The MHRA has issued its own response to this campaign. They say, UK medicines legislation (including for homeopathy) [read more…]

Homeopathy and Sports Injuries.

14th June, 2012 39

  The Society of Homeopaths have been proudly kicking off their Homeopathy Awareness Week. This year, their focus is on how homeopathy can help with sports injuries. Their press release ties into the Summer of sports we are going to have, obviously crowned with the Olympics in London. They say, As the country goes sporting mad this summer, homeopathy will be called on as a holistic way to sprint back [read more…]

The Swizz Report on Homeopathy

21st May, 2012 487

Homeopaths are buzzing with news that a report has been supposedly published by the Swiss Government that shows that there is a large amount of evidence for homeopath and that it should be included in the universal, compulsory Swiss insurance plans as a cost effective treatment. This is in stark contrast by a report by the UK’s House of Commons that came to the exact opposite conclusion – that homeopathy [read more…]

Homeopaths in Panic over New Medicines Rules

18th May, 2012 100

The medicines regulator, the MHRA, has been conducting a project to review UK medicines legislation. It hopes to consolidate the hundreds of separate pieces of legislation that currently exist, to make it easier to understand and enforce. This will be delegated legislation, and as such, will be made by the regulator as an executive authority. The MHRA have been consulting for many months and hope for the new regime to [read more…]

Boiron Settles for $12M to Stop Homeopathy Lawsuits

8th March, 2012 114

I have long contended that homeopathy does so well because people do not know what it is. Homeopathy thrives on the esoteric nature of its beliefs: tell customers one thing, but believe something weird within the cult. Indeed, last week I was at dinner with French friends where the subject of homeopathy came up. (It’s huge in France. The picture is of the local Phamacy window – the big advert [read more…]

Why is Homeopathy Successful?

13th January, 2012 224

Just before Christmas, Lia Burkeman and Stephanie Kramer, wrote an article for Urban Times that asked the question, “Homeopathy: Can it be a Success Story?” To start, I would like to agree with the pair that indeed homeopathy is very successful. As a set of ideas, they have been around for about 200 years. Many thousands of people practice homeopathy based on the principles described by Lia and Stephanie. And undoubtedy, [read more…]

Your Perfect Homeopathy Kit for Christmas

27th December, 2011 22

Have you over-done it this Christmas? Don’t worry. That homeopathic pharmacy to the Royals has the perfect remedy kit to see you through the following days. Ainsworths Pharmacy is pleased to bring you the following remedies. Remember, these are homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of Christmas overindulgence. Turkey 30C – Do you have an ubiquitous feeling of never ending dryness? Feeling that even spiced [read more…]

Liverpool Homeopathic Hospital has Gone

18th November, 2011 22

It would appear that, quietly and without fuss, the NHS Homeopathic Hospital in Liverpool has closed. It is difficult to know precisely what has happened. But there now appears to be no trace of its existence. Previously, only a few years ago, the British Homeopathic Association were boasting of five NHS hospitals dedicated to homeopathy. It now only lists three. We know that Tunbridge Wells closed after West Kent PCT [read more…]

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