The Meaning of the 10:23 Homeopathy Campaign.

EyeOfProvidence In the last few days, a new campaign has been launched with the aim of showing that homeopathy is an ‘absurd pseudoscience’ and that Boots the Chemists should not be selling these sugar pills to the public as if they were genuine medical products. The ‘10:23’ campaign, as it is known, has a very flashy web site ( and states that it has been set up and organised by a group calling themselves the Merseyside Skeptics Society, a branch of the Skeptics on the Pub movement.

It goes without saying that homeopaths will be doubting that such a sophisticated and hard hitting campaign could be set up by a bunch of feckless, workshy scousers who sit around all day drinking in Liverpool pubs and discussing their nerdish obsession with ghosts and UFOs. Surely, Big Pharma is behind this?

Indeed, it does appear unlikely that such a move could be set up by dole-cheating scallies and alcoholic cynics. So, who is really behind all of this? The clues are in the name of the campaign.

What do the numbers 10 and 23 mean for this organisation? To understand the significance of these numbers, you need to know not just where to look, but how to look. The Sceptics themselves show that they hold the numbers to be significant by holding a mass homeopathic overdose by 300 sceptics at exactly 10:23 in the morning in a few days time.

The numbers 10 and 23 were deeply significant to the founder of homeopathy. Samuel Hahnemann was born on the 10th of April in 1755. He became a doctor on the 10th of August in 1779 and his groundbreaking book, The Organon, was first published in 1810. Hahnemann studied medicine in Vienna (German, Wien W = 23rd letter of the alphabet) for 10 months. He died in July 1843, signified by the number 23 (7 + 1 + 8 + 4 + 3). The name of the campaign would look to be a reference to the death of homeopathy – a stated campaign aim.

The numbers also have deep occult meaning. In tarot, the number 10 is highly significant, being the end of the pip sequence and indicating that ‘the cycle has ended and a new one is beginning.’ In astrology, the number ten is associated with ‘intelligence and integrity’, an obvious conceit on the part of Merseyside sceptics. It is also associated with great rises and falls, and also is the number of the Sun. Although Boots appears to be the target right now, perhaps the homeopathic pharmacy Helios (the sun personified) is their real target. Whatever the target, the number ten has been chosen to signify the end of one era and the heralding of a new beginning.

The number 23 is an even more powerful occult number and is also very important for scientists. Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species was published in 1859 (1+8+5+9 = 23). The Hiroshima bomb was dropped at 8.15am (8+15= 23). It has more terribly auspicious associations: Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times. The terrorist attacks on New York happened on 9/11 2001 (9+11+2+0+0+1=23).

The number 1023 would also appear to contain a little joke from the sceptics who believe that homeopathy is nothing but magical thinking as, according to Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin, 1023 was the year that all fairy tales happened. It is also worth noting that Oliver Wendell Holmes was the early arch nemesis of homeopathy and first completely debunked the practice in a lecture given in 1842 entitled Homeopathy and its Kindred Delusions. His initials, OH, add up to 23 (O=15, H=8) and his middle initial is the 23rd letter of the alphabet.

Given the significance of this number, could the 10:23 campaign have bigger aims? Although targeting homeopathy right now, it is worth looking at the other targets of these sceptic groups. One of the most significant set-backs to the so-called sceptic movement was when chiropractors won a historic suit against the American Medical Association and stopped AMA campaigning against chiropractic and calling it quackery.

That court decision was now exactly 23 years ago.

It would appear to be an extraordinary coincidence that 23 years later the chiropractors are back in court. On the 23rd of next month in the 10th year of the millennium, Simon Singh will be in court to appeal in his case against the British Chiropractic Association.

This hearing will be highly unusual in that the presiding judges will include the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales and also the Master of the Rolls. These are two of the most powerful judges in Britain. Why would they be presiding over a relatively minor appeal court that is only hearing an appeal about a preliminary decision on meaning and not even the full case?

We need to look a little deeper and go back to Liverpool, the home of the campaign. Indeed, we find the number 23 has deep ties with Merseyside. Liverpool art school student William Ernest Drummond set up the mysterious group known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (23 letters), sometimes known as the KLF or K-Foundation. He once wrote the line “23 years is a mighty long time”. They famously presented an award for the ‘worst artist’ to Rachel Whiteread on 23rd of November 1993 and burnt a million pounds on the 23rd of August 1994. More worryingly, Drummond was involved in the Liverpool production of the Illuminatus!, a musical story of conspiracy theories about the hidden rulers of the world. It opened on the 23rd of November 1976 (1+9+7+6=23) and the show consisted of five acts (2+3=5), each 23 minutes in length, with 23 actors on stage.

Robert Anton Wilson once claimed in a 1988 interview that “23 is a part of the cosmic code. It’s connected with so many synchronicities and weird coincidences.” Given that the number 23 is so significant, could the Secret Rulers of the World be somehow behind the 10:23 campaign? Could they be using their minions, the CEOs of the pharmaceutical companies, and their minions, the skeptics in the pub drones, to direct this attack against alternative medicine?

One clue comes from the Merseyside Sceptics statement that they want to have 300 people in the campaign taking homeopathic overdoses. Surely, it will be very hard to get exactly 300 people to do this? This is quite likely to be a code for the real intelligence behind what is going on: The Committee of 300.

The Committee of 300 is a secret society formed in Britain in the 18th Century, and is also known as the ‘Hidden Hand’. An MI5 officer once wrote a book exposing their antics and they are thought to be in charge of the banking system, judiciary (hence the Singh case) and the media (which explains why sceptics find it so easy to publish their denouncements of alternative medicine). The Committee is thought to be even higher up in the Illuminati than the Bilderberg Group.

One surprise is that the campaign was not launched on the 23rd of October (10/23). Indeed, this date is known to many scientists as International Mole Day ( and is celebrated annually on this date from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m. It is a strange celebration that seeks to enrol children in a strictly materialistic view of the world. In rituals that mirror the ceremonies of the satanic, Illuminati group, the Bohemian Club, who worship a giant owl, they do not have a flag to salute, but instead ask new members to bow their heads towards the ground (where the moles are) and repeat the scientistic pledge of allegiance: “I pledge allegiance to the mole, to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, and to the atomic mass for which it stands, one number, most divisible, with atoms and molecules for all.” A chant which would be anathema to all homeopaths.

It is difficult to ignore the significance of the chosen numbers. The Knights Templar had 23 Grand Masters. William Shakespeare was born on the 23rd of the month and died on the 23rd. Adam and Eve were supposed to have 23 daughters. Princess Leia was held in detention block AA23 on the Death Star (AA = 1 + 1 which equals 10 in binary arithmetic, look it up on Wookieepedia). John Nash, Nobel Prize winning mathematician was obsessed with the number 23. He wrote exactly 23 papers. It is one of only two numbers that need nine cubes to represent it . (The other being 239.)

(Incidentally, 23 was the date of death of a Wilhelm Hahnemann. Hahnemann was noted for playing exactly 23 games for the Austrian football team, 23 games for the German national team and scoring exactly 23 goals for his club to become the league’s top scorer. He once achieved a remarkable double (2) hat-trick (3) whilst playing for Germany. Of the 46 (23+23) caps he won, his teams won 23 of these matches. )

Portentous stuff. So soon, in many cities we are going to see many demonstrations against Boots selling homeopathy. My advice to homeopaths on the their day of reckoning would have to come from Matthew Chapter 10, verse 23: “But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another”. One day though, you are going to run out of cities.

The homeopaths may well think this is just a nerdish group showing off a bit. My analysis would suggest there are much darker forces at work here.

Remember: 10:23. There’s nothing in it.



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    • Ditto! Of course, in the same vein, Proverbs Chapter 10 verse 23 says: “It is as sport to a fool to do mischief” (perfect description for a homeopath); “but a man of understanding hath wisdom” (understanding gained doubtlessly from applying the mind and sifting empirical evidence).

  1. Warhelmet – I believe the A1023 goes to Mountnessing where the pub is called the Prince of Wales, a keen supporter of homeopathy.

  2. Thank you Alison. Of course 1023 in binary represents the ten hard strikes of succussion that homeopathic remedies have to undergo, preferably against a leather bible.

    • Nope! You’re WRONG! Esteemed and pre-eminent homeopaths in India succuss their nostra firmly against a Bhagavad Geeta! No Bibles necessary or even required or allowed. Nosireebob.

  3. Brilliant – although it's not the 10.23 stuff that gets me, it's the reference to "a bunch of feckless, workshy scousers who sit around all day drinking in Liverpool pubs" instead – but then as a simple-minded Mancunian it doesn't take much to grab my attention!

    @ Dr Aust – Dan Brown must be quivering in his boots at the threat to his conspiracy novel empire posed by The Black Duck…!

  4. Exceptionally splendid. I believe you have answered one of your own questions in that the role of the Master of the Rolls has been usurped by the Master of the Roles. Sinister indeed.

  5. Thanks all – corrected. It is important to be accurate about this stuff. I wouldn't want people accusing me of making all this up.

  6. Note also that at 10:23 in the morning, you are 13 hrs and 37 minutes from midnight. 1337 is of course 'leet' in leet-speak a popular hacker vocabulary on the net. This is a form of symbolic writing means that the 10:23 campaigners view themselves as 'leet' or 'elite'. It may be a sign that the illuminati-sponsored hackers across the net will be undertaking cyber-terrorism on behalf of the 10:23 campaign on the proposed date in question. I could have written this message in similar leet-speak but wanted you to be able to read it. But it is possible that the 1337-hackers will hack your blog and remove this message.


  7. Concerning 23rd October (or even the 23th, as above), I think this reveals that these so-called sceptics are actually closet religious fundies.

    After all, Oct 23rd was an obvious choice, but it is ALSO the date calculated by Archbishop James Ussher (and others) for the Creation of the World (to be precise, Oct. 23rd, 4004 at 9 in the morning).

    Sceptics – huh! Big Pharma *and* Big Faith.*

    * And the US military: 1023 is (was?) the maximum week numbed stored by GPS systems before rollover. And "rollover" is obviously what 1023 thinks homeopaths should be doing. How can anyone ignore all this evidence???!!!

  8. If you convert 10:23 into hexadecimal you of course get 1635 and the address of the American Institute of Homeopathy is:
    Office of the Chairman, Board of Trustees
    1635 Harrvard Street, Washington, D.C. 20009

    coincidence? I think not

  9. 6.022*10^23 is Avogadro's Number and is repeatedly cited in showing the extremely high dose 30C homeopathic preps are pretentious/preposterous.

  10. J is the 10th letter
    W is the 23rd letter
    Therefore 1023 is equivalent to JW.
    Google JW and you get as the main site for the Jehovah Witness. Should they be ranting outside Boots at 10:23 Saturday week then it would be synchronicity indeed.
    Should the local Wesleyans turn up as well it would be even better after the duck's research into John Wesley.

  11. There are, of course, 10 letters in the word chromosome, of which humans have 23 pairs. The genes on chromosome 10 are thought to be related to Jackson-Weiss syndrome. As Grumpy has said J and W are the 10th and 23rd letters of the alphabet respectively. German-speakers will know that Weiss is the German for 'white', and a certain Michael Jackson was either a black Jehovah's Witness (JW) or a white possible-convert to Islam. This religious confusion leads to a re-examination of the letters J_W, and the inevitability of the word Jew. We can see that the word "conspiracy" has 10 letters and in "international conspiracy" there are 23 letters.
    This is what the numbers are telling me. Your conclusions are your own.

  12. There are 23 letters in the names Abraham Lincoln and J.F. Kennedy; Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln and Lincoln had a secretary namd Kennedy; Lincoln was elected in 1860, Kennedy in 1960, a period of 100 years, or ten tens. Kennedy was shot on Nov 22, or 11/22 (or 22/11), one more than 10 and one less than 23. The whole world is connected by these numbers, really.

  13. Skeptics (who I prefer to call "denialists") may be concerned about how few molecules there are in homeopathic medicines, but I am much much more concerned about the incredibly HIGH number of molecules there are in conventional drugs!

    I calculated the number of molecules of common drugs that people take on a DAILY basis.

    For Zoloft (setraline), the average daily dose has 1,091,963 to the 23rd power # of molecules.

    For Paxil (paroxetine…formerly the #1 most commonly Rx drug), the average daily dose if 59,501 to the 23rd power # of molecules.

    For Vicodin (the painkiller, an extremely popular painkilling drug that is now banned for sale in the USA), the average daily dose is 464,264 to the 23rd power # of molecules.

    These drugs BOMBARD the body. They do not "heal" the body. They create a WAR on the body!

    In contrast, a large number of the homeopathic medicines sold at Boots & other pharmacies are what are called "low potencies," and they contain a similar LOW number of molecules that emulate physiological signaling. I guess you folks here prefer to create war on the body rather than heal it. Who's quacking now?

  14. Dear Dana – the man with more qualifications in 'Being Wrong' than any other alive.

    Firstly, you ought to get a grown up to check your sums. Setraline has a molecular mass of 306.229 g/mol and is given in doses of 50–200 mg/day, which makes your result, well, rather high.

    If you want to get full marks in the future, it is best to show your working.

    No matter what numbers you decide are 'big' or 'small' when it comes to dosages, you are best concentrating your homeopathic efforts on explaining how doses of 'no molecules' can have an effect.

    F – See me.

    PS Any answer containing the prefix 'nano' automatically scores zero.

  15. 1023 is 1777 in octal.
    Now one of the pioneers of Homeopathy was born in 1777:
    Gregor Capdebo von Baraczhàz (1777-1839)
    Hahnemann was transferred to Vienna in 1777:
    Sulphur is a homeopathic remedy that is used to treat a variety of chronic or acute ailments.
    It was known to the ancients; it is the brimstone of the Bible. It was first recognized as an element in 1777 by A. L. Lavoisier.

    Co-incidence? I think not!

  16. This mass overdose plan is a ridiculous idea. *Obviously* it will just prove that homeopathic remedies are effective *and* safe, at any dosage, unlike Big Pharma which (as any fule kno) is horribly dangerous, especially in the mega-molar doses the sheeple BOMBARD their bodies with.

    Lie down on the floor and keep calm…

  17. What is so great about the 1023 efforts and the "mass overdosing" is that it provides evidence that skeptics misunderstand homeopathy and homeopathic pharmacology. Thanx.

    For those people who are serious scientists (and are not fundamentalists), here's some links to some good basic sciences research. I encourage the serious-minded folk out there to get out of your armchair philosopher mindset and read studies where it is unlikely to show much placebo response:

    Plant studies:

    Animal studies:

    In vitro studies:

    Chemistry & physics studies:

  18. yes homeopathic "remedies" are of course safe at any dosage as there is nothing in them !!!!!
    I suppose you could suffer from water poisining after a few gallons though.
    I really despair that in the 21 st century, such quackery is still taken seriously by so many and that despite easy access to information it seems amazingly simple to convince large numbers of people to suspend their logical thought processes.

  19. Isn't it curious how you just need to say the word "homeopathy" a few times and Dana Ullman will appear. I think he might actually be Beetle Juice.

    It's also curious how devoid of any sense of humour homeopaths typically are. I suppose if they started laughing at ridiculous things they'd never be able to stop. It requires a certain kind of tedious po-facedness to sustain belief in magic medicine. Don't look down, Dana you might fall.

    On the other hand, DU, maybe you are laughing at the homeopaths behind their backs. There do seem to be plenty of companies and people exploiting their credulity for profit. Remind us when and why it was that you ceased to practice homeopathy and started selling support services to the people who actually hand out the
    sugar pills.

    While you are here, and it's nice to see you maintain your monitoring of the interweb for mention of homeopathy, perhaps you can give us one example of a non-self-limiting disease being unequivocally cured by you with homeopathy when you still worked as a sugar-retailer. Obviously it world need to be supported by adequate documentation. Wouldn't it be really funny if it turned out that you are merely an armchair homeopath recycling secondhand stories and anecdotes?

  20. Dana – thank you for trying to stick to the topic, although the spam links at the end are not appreciated. All the usual cherry picked nonsense that ignores the wider and much bigger evidence base. It's dishonest.

    Now, you mention an idea that appears to be spreading amongst homeopaths as a reaction to the 10:30 campaign: that somehow the overdosers do not understand homeopathic prescribing principles and pharmacology. Like all that comes out of the mouths of homeopaths, it is pure nonsense. They do understands what homeopaths claims, but have come to the very easy conclusion that it is gobbledegook? One tablet the same as the whole tube? Ha Ha. The greater the dillution, the bigger the effect? You're killing me.

    The 10:23 is not supposed to be about convincing homeopaths that what they do is silly. You are all beyond rational debate. It is designed to shame pharmacists and to show the public that homeopathy is not some sort of herbalism, but a voodoo practice.

    And that is the power of it. You know it and it is your weak spot. Dana – you spend so much time obfuscating about 'nano'-nonsense for the reason of hiding the fact that there is nothing in the pills. And that is the big secret that ordinary people will take on board to realise that you are all bonkers.

  21. Damn my fat fingers!

    For the hard of understanding, "Obviously it world need to be supported by adequate documentation." was meant to say "Obviously it WOULD need to be supported by adequate documentation."

  22. I take it that 6C and 30C homeopathy occupy the same shelf space. Shouldn't anything as strong as the 30C be restricted, less 300 +or- skeptics hurt themselves 🙂

  23. Sorry, am I being really thick here, but is this numerology stuff all part of a very funny tongue-in-cheek article, or is this for real? If it’s not an excellent attempt at humour, the 10:23 (as you’ll see in the FAQ section for anyone who bothers to read it) refers to the Avogadro constant, 10 the power of 23 (“the power of” means how many decimal places before anyone innumerate takes that the wrong way). In chemistry and physics, the Avogadro constant (symbols: L, NA) is defined as the number of constituent particles (usually atoms or molecules) per mole of a given substance, where the mole is one of the seven base units in the International System of Units (SI). The Avogadro constant has dimensions of reciprocal mol and its value is equal to 6.02214129(27)×1023 mol−1. They’re talking about things like dilution rates and how at a certain point, no atoms of the original substance are left in a homeopathic treatment.

    Sorry if I’ve ruined the joke (if it is a joke), but I thought I should re-iterate it in case someone took that occult numeracy thing seriously. Read the FAQ people.

    • To my namesake.

      Of course it is all real (in the sense that it is not unreal or really fictional).

      It is all exactly as real as the strange notion that absolutely nothing can actually cure something when that nothingness has had the somethingness extracted from it and replaced with nothing.

      Of course it is, in reality, only as real as the degree of realness a real moron would wish to ascribe to it, an example being Dullman and his tribe of likeminded fecking eejits.

      Don’t worry excessively about ruining the joke. That really didn’t happen. Really!

      • Not surprisingly the 10.23 clock setting screwed up.

        However, as absolute proof and confirming the veracity of everything that LCN wrote it was posted at 9.23 on February 8 2014.

        That’s 8/2 (English) or 2/8 (Septic) both of which add up to 10.

        2014 contains 10 backwards (clearly Satanic).

        The 4 in 2014 and the 9 in 9.23 plus the backward Satanic 10 makes 23.

        And, fairly obviously, the 23 in 9.23 is 23.

        That’s two 10s and two 23s.Spooky.

        The clincher is that 8-2, 20-14 and 9-3 gives three sixes and 666 is the Sign Of The Beast.


  24. Most importantly of all,10:23 is the time when everyone in the world disappears in the video for Incubus’ song “Warning”! Which was filmed in NYC inside a huge skyscraper on 9/11 AND they accidentally included footage of the first plane striking the wtc tower as it actually happened.But the most amazing part is the entire band getting spontaneous colonoscopies and photoshopping the members of echo and the bunnymen onto their many many previously undiagnosed polyps!!!

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